INTERVIEW: Malevolence (22/04/2020)

Credit: Kim Quint

Yorkshire shredders Malevolence have just dropped their highly anticipated EP ‘The Other Side’ which is their first release on their very own label MLVLD. The 3 track album shows the band delivering their usual dose of technically impressive riffage but sees them take on a heart wrenching ballad to keep things fresh.

We managed to grab a word with vocalist Alex Taylor about the new album, releasing music during a global pandemic and being independent.

DP!: How are you feeling going into the release of ‘The Other Side’?
AT: I’m very excited going into the release, especially with there only being one more song on the EP that people haven’t heard, which happens to be one of the most diverse songs we’ve ever written.

DP!: The EP just has 3 tracks on it – what made you want to release a short record like this?
AT: We wanted to make a short body of work to put out whilst we continue writing for our next full-length album, whilst also trying to push ourselves out of our comfort zone as much as possible. The choice to self release came after a long discussion between the band about what we felt was achievable and after that it was obvious to us that this was the most logical route for us at our current level.

DP!: Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris appears on a new track – how did that come about?
AT: We’ve become very good friends with the KL guys over the last 4 years. I had listened to Knocked Loose for some years before we first met them on our tour in the US and since then we have played numerous shows and festivals together, we flew the guys over for our hometown show in 2017 and we’ve been saying for a long time that we needed to tour together.
I hit up Bryan over Instagram and asked him if he wanted to be on our new record, he was down and they recorded it the day before we started our tour together at the end of 2019. Knocked Loose had Elliot Ingham out filming some stuff with them on this tour, so we decided at the start that we would film a live video for ‘Keep Your Distance’. The whole thing came together very organically!

DP!: What is it like to be able to release music on your own label?
AT: It’s been a completely new experience for us, but it’s been really rewarding to see so much support for our first endeavour into self-releasing a record. We wanted to challenge ourselves and to see if we could actually do it. I would definitely encourage bands in a similar position to consider it if possible!

DP!: How important is being completely independent to the band? What do you think are the main positives and negatives?
AT: We have always been a very independent band that likes to have as much control over everything as possible. It’s how we’ve always done things! We curated a strong team to help produce ‘The Other Side’, including Eliran Kantor (Testament, Soulfly) to create the artwork and Carl Brown at Treehouse Studios (Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium), we’ve by no means cut any corners on this release. Our fans are the driving force behind everything this band does!

DP!: ‘Keep Your Distance’ is the perfect social distancing anthem… How do the band feel about releasing ‘The Other Side’ during a worldwide lockdown?
AT: There have been some challenges along the way, especially with the current global pandemic happening to fall right on the whole campaign, but we’ve taken it in our stride and, like most people, doing our best with the cards we’ve been dealt. With that being said, we wouldn’t have been able to do any of it without the overwhelming support from those who support us and it’s motivated us to overcome those challenges!

DP!: How important is music for people at a time like this?
AT: Music will always play a vital role in times like this, and for me especially it continues to motivate me to be creative but also help to find clarity during these confusing and challenging times. One thing we will always have is music, even though we are not able to enjoy it in a live setting right now.

DP!: What can we expect from Malevolence after this pandemic has disappeared?
AT: More tours, more music and more riffs!

Malevolence‘s new EP, ‘The Other Side’, is out now, via MLVLTD.

You can physically order the album on vinyl from the MLVLTD official store (here). Streams and downloads are available from Apple Music (here) and Amazon Music (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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