INTERVIEW: Lokey And The Hound (06/02/2019)

A new sound, new image and a new name. 2018 has marked a year of evolution for the London based quartet Lokey and The Hound.

We managed to meet up with the band to discuss their latest single ‘Candle’, how the band came together and everything that we can expect from this exciting rock n’ roll band.

DP!: So how did the band first come together? Were you all friends before the formation of the band?
Dom: Lokey had been around with different members before Bill and I joined.
Elisabeth: Yeah, I was in a band with Simon before Lokey & The Hound, during our second years of University. We saw Dom and Bill at a performance at our Uni and thought they were awesome, so we approached them and everything just fell into place.
Bill: I applied as a session bassist originally, but a few beers and practices later and everything just settled in and I haven’t looked back.

DP!: What three words would each of you use to describe your sound to someone who had never heard of you before?
Dom: Rocky, soulful and catchy.
Elisabeth: Dynamic, electrifying and whimsical.
Bill: Melodic, energetic, powerful.
Simon: Blues rock on a caffeine rush *laughs*.

DP!: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences and how prominent do you think these influences are in your music?
Dom: Personally I take a lot of influence from guitarists such as John Frusciante and Andrew Groves of Arcane Roots.
Elisabeth: Sonically I’d say the band take a lot of influence from Jack White, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana. But as a songwriter I draw from writers of a few different genres. The least expected ones would probably be Chris Martin and Lana Del Rey.
Bill: I’m the same, all music I have ever consumed plays a small role on what I do. But my top three influences are John Frusciante, John Mayer and Trevor Hall.
Simon: Zeppelin, Stones, The Who, I think you can definitely hear that in our sound!.

DP!: Since your formation, you decided to change your name from ‘Lokey’ to ‘Lokey & The Hound’. What influenced you to change/ evolve the name?
Bill: I’d say the evolution of our name has definitely made it more fitting with our genre and feel – it gives us a better sense of belonging within our scene.
Elisabeth: The boys needed a name of their own that could unite them. ‘The Hound’ did that perfectly for us.
Simon: It just made more sense.

DP!: Do you feel that the changing of your name also marks a change in direction of the band musically or aesthetically?
Elisabeth: Yeah definitely. I have performed under the stage name Lokey since I first started gigging at 16, so it was a very personal name to me. Now that we are called Lokey & The Hound, I feel it gives the boys more of an identity and gives the audience more of an insight into what we are about. It gives everyone in the project their own voice.
Simon: In some ways it does. Now our direction is more defined than ever.

DP!: Your latest single ‘Candle’ is the first single you’ve released since your rebranding. Could you talk us through the writing and recording process for the track? What are the lyrical topics in the track?
Elisabeth: The initial writing process for the track started off very bare, with just Dom and myself working on ideas with an acoustic guitar. Once we had the basic melody down, we sent the demo to Bill and Simon to add their own to it; and ‘Candle’ was born.
Simon: When it came down to recording, we just got the whole band together, locked ourselves away in a room with our producer Louis Skinner and whacked out the track.
Bill: For the bass parts, I tried to combine subtlety with all the quintessential rock bass techniques.

DP!: You recently played your single release show at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. How did you feel that went down?
Elisabeth: It was such a good night the atmosphere and sound was great.
Dom: We had a few minor issues with my pedal board *laughs*
Bill: That didn’t stop us though! Just as long as I get to shake my hair on stage, I’m happy! There was a great turnout.

DP!: Can we be expecting more new music/ shows to be coming any time soon?
Elisabeth: There may be, I’m pretty excited for it. Are you?
Bill: *laughs* It’s already on its way. I’m the least patient person so I I’m buzzing to play it live.
Simon: Always planning something new.

DP!: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to anyone reading this?
Elisabeth: Support musicians, support live music, go to more gigs and have a laugh. Oh when you get the time listen to Lokey & The Hound!

You can keep up-to-date with the band and what they’re up to online via Facebook.