INTERVIEW: Like Pacific (11/03/2018)

Like Pacific are one of the many great bands coming out of Canada lately. The group’s debut record, ‘Distant Like You Asked’, is full of passion and pace, combining the grit of hardcore with the melodic catchiness of pop-punk, landing them a lot of love in the alternative scene. And, with the band detailing last summer that their second full-length album was in the works, it seems the Toronto boys are in for a big year in 2018.

Whilst at the Glasgow date of their tour supporting pop-punk contemporaries As It Is, we caught up with guitarists Greg Hall and Luke Holmes to discuss touring, Scottish foods, and their forthcoming second record.

DP!: Hey guys! First of all, you’re on tour with As It Is in the UK. How has it been so far?
G: Pretty cool. Yesterday was awesome in Manchester. We’ve been having a blast. It’s been super nice to be here.
L: It’s great. A lot of shows are sold out so we’re stoked on that. That always makes for a good show.

DP!: How do you find coming across to other countries on tour? Are there many differences between  US and Canadian shows to ones in the UK and Europe?
L: It’s not crazy different, but there is definitely a different vibe over here, for sure. I feel like people here, in general, have less of the ‘cool guy’ attitude, at least from what we’ve seen and the shows we’ve played. I’m sure it exists in some places, but there is definitely less of an attitude here, which I think is cool. We like that about it here. It’s more chill over here.
G: You can tell that kids in the UK are actually stoked to come to shows. We’ve obviously come a long way to play shows, so it’s nice to show up to the venues and everyone is stoked to be there.

DP!: Do you get people waiting outside shows in the US and Canada like there is here tonight?
G: Yeah, for As It Is. [laughs]
L: Yeah, not us. [laughs] But, we’ve definitely been on a few tours where that’s a been a thing. Like, when we toured with State Champs and Neck Deep on the Alternative Press tour a while ago, there was always big lines of people for that.
G: I remember the first day we showed up for that tour at like 11:00AM and there was already like 200 kids there. It was pretty crazy.

DP!: Do you have a favourite city that you’ve played whilst on tour?
L: The Underworld in London was pretty cool. I remember we’d always see bands we’ve liked over the years heading out on tour and thinking “that’d be a cool tour to be on, but it’s in the UK” and we’d see they’d play The Underworld. So, that was a cool one to finally play.
G: That was also sold out too, and that was our first time playing London.
L: And it’s right by Camden Market, which was really cool.

DP!: What kind of things do you guys get up to as a band on tour when you have some downtime?
L: We like to explore and venture around, especially here because in the States and Canada we’ve been to a lot of the venues and cities so we’ve seen a lot of it. Over here, everything is pretty new to us still and there’s still a lot we haven’t seen yet, so it’s cool to have a venture around find a new bar or coffee shop, food as well.
G: The first time that we were here it was around Christmas time, so every day we would get to the venue, load in, and then we’d run to a Christmas market. That was like my favourite part of the whole tour. [laughs]
L: Every day too would be a different city, a different Christmas market. It was so fun.
G: They’d always be within walking distance of the venue, which was great.

DP!: I have to ask, have you had a chance to try any of the Glaswegian ‘delicacies’ like a deep-fried Mars bar, Buckfast, Dragon Soup, or Irn-Bru?
G: I’ve actually had a deep-fried Mars bar, but not in Glasgow. It’s actually not an uncommon thing in Canada. Also, I know it’s not Glasgow specific, but I’ve had haggis when I was a kid, but I honestly just thought it tasted like rice.
L: I’ve had haggis too, but it definitely wasn’t prepared nicely. My friend had a can of it, and we just opened the can and got a spoonful of it to try it. [laughs] I’m sure there are better ways to eat it than that.

DP!: Do you guys have any pre-show rituals or superstitions before you go on stage?
G: We basically just like to warm-up, play a little guitar, do a few stretches, have a beer and chat. Nothing too specific though, we don’t have any crazy warm-ups.
L: It’s important to make sure that we’re functioning on enough food and beer and whatever else.

DP!: You dropped your new track ‘Sedatives’ a couple of weeks ago, how have your fans responded to that?
G: Yeah, I think it’s been great so far. People have been digging it. I haven’t heard any negative feedback on it.
L: So far I think everyone seems to like it and the direction that it took from our last record.

DP!: The track follows your announcement from last year that you were working on your sophomore album. What can we expect the new record to sound like?
G: It’ll be a lot like our new track ‘Sedatives’. That’s definitely the direction that we’re heading in on the new record.
L: Yeah. It’ll be a bit harder, a bit faster, and a bit more aggression musically, and vocally as well. I think the new album is naturally closer to the kind of music we listen to and how we want to sound as a band. I think it’s a good representation of us as a group. We’re really stoked with it.

DP!: How did you find the writing and recording process for the new record?
G: It’s usually either myself or Luke who start off with a riff on the guitar, and we’ll send an idea to each other and then go from there.
L: We write like a verse or a chorus, and then we jam it with Tay (Ewart, drummer), and then we’ll all fill in the gaps and the missing pieces. Jordan (Black, frontman) does his thing after that.
G: I don’t think there’s a certain recipe for us when it comes to writing. It just usually starts with a riff.

DP!: Finally, what can we expect from a Like Pacific set tonight?
G: There’ll be a couple old songs, some new tracks; we’re definitely playing ‘Sedatives’. It’ll be just a nice collection of all of our records really.

The band’s debut full-length album, ‘Distant Like You Asked’, is out now through Pure Noise Records.

You can purchase it online from the band’s website (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).

Interview by Dylan Tuck (@dylanjtuck)

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