INTERVIEW: Lifetight (06/02/2018)

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Hardcore can be a bit abrasive and hostile by nature, can’t it? Well, that’s not quite the case for Crooked Noise Records‘ up-and-comers (and one of our bands tipped to watch for throughout 2018), Lifetight.

Formed by ex-members of Lock & Key, No Honour, and Idols of Apathy, they’re all about having a good time and a good attitude. We caught up with the band backstage at the London show of their tour with Fathoms to talk positivity, playing live, and er… Lil Pump.

DP!: You’ve all been in bands before. How did Lifetight form?
Josh: So, after Lock & Key finished, me and Danny really wanted to start another band that could be something we both really enjoyed, with people we really got on with. We knew we had to find a good bass player, because as a four-piece you need those extra grooves. So, we found Elliott, who used to be in Idols Of Apathy, and Tom used to be in No Honour.
Danny: We had the idea in 2016 towards the end of the last Lock & Key tour, and came together in the beginning of 2017.
Elliott: I didn’t join until quite late. I was late to the party.
D: Yeah. We were like, “Hey man, we’re going in the studio next week, do you want to join?”

DP!: Why the name Lifetight?
D: It was on the last Lock & Key tour. Me and Josh were staying in a hotel in Switzerland. We were talking about the band that we wanted to form, and Josh told me that he had the name Lifetight in mind. It just kind of clicked – the second he said it, it felt right.
J: The mantra of the band is supposed to be about us doing what we want, and in order for that to be the case I think you need to live a tight life, keep your circle tight, and when we were choosing people for the band we wanted them to have the same life ambition. For us, music is a lifestyle, it’s a labour of love, so in order for it to work it needed to be mutual. It needed to be Lifetight.

DP!: So, for people who’ve never heard you before, how would you describe your sound?
T: Positive mental attitude! That’s literally everything.
J: Yeah, happy and bouncy.
T: We want to have a positive outlook on things that can be tough. You’ve got to enjoy life for what it is. I think we’re the definition of that. Things can get the better of us, but we try to see the positive.
J: But what does that actually SOUND like?
D: It doesn’t sound like Hatebreed, for starters
[everyone laughs]
E: Yeah, everyone says that. We’re always getting compared to them.
D: Not that it’s a bad thing to sound like Hatebreed, but the name implies something that we’re not, which is “hate”! We’re the polar opposite of that.

DP!: Your songs definitely do have a very positive message. Would you say that’s something that’s missing in your scene at the moment?
T: Yes! Absolutely! I think the music that we’re surrounded by, a lot of people use it as an outlet to release negative feelings. Whereas we wanted to have that message of “Yes, this might not be a good time, but you can overcome it. You’ve got this. You’re the maker of your future.” That’s what we want to show people as a band – even if things are bad on the outside, they don’t have to be bad on the inside.

DP!: What’s been the best moment of Lifetight so far?
D: EVERY show.
T: It’s blown us away. Every show we do it feels like kids just get the message and feel the vibe. It’s nice to feel a room of positivity and not the “I wanna beat the shit out of someone” energy.
E: I think the simplicity of our live show is an element. It’s very raw, there’s no backing track, what you hear on stage is what we produce, there’s no bullshit. Which was very different for me, because in my old band, we played to backing tracks and it just got boring. It sounded good, but it didn’t feel real.
J: Everything you hear is us. So, if we fuck up, you’ll hear it!

DP!: What bands are you guys listening to right now?
D: Lil Pump.
[everyone laughs]
D: We’ve kind of used him as our intro track.
J: Yeah, we may have remade a rap song.
D: I also like Lil Peep, and Lil Wayne.
E: I’m listening to a lot of Sleep Token at the moment. They’re really strange, like Bon Iver meets Meshuggah.
T: Create To Inspire. We’ve known them for a long time. Sleep Token have the same PR team as us, too. We do listen to a lot of bands in our scene, bands that we know.
D: Although I don’t know Lil Pump, personally.

DP!: You put out your EP ‘Self-Tightled’ last year, can we expect more music from you this year?
Everyone: Yes!
J: We can’t tell you when or what yet, but it’s coming.

DP!: Anything else you plan to do this year?
J: We’ve really been looking forward to this run with Fathoms. We’re obviously going to be going back in the studio at some point as well.
E: We’ve got a tour coming up with VCTMS that we’re really excited for! We’ll be doing a few dates in Europe with them, so that’ll be really cool.
D: I’m just excited to play as many shows as possible.
T: Yeah. That’s mainly what it’s all about.

DP!: Guys, thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to DEAD PRESS!.
T: I think this has been our first interview with all of us, as Lifetight, so thanks for having us! Enjoy the show!

The band’s debut EP, ‘Self-Tightled’, is out now through Crooked Noise Records.

You can purchase it online from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).

Interview by Lottie Cook (@pixelottie)