INTERVIEW: Last Witness @ Hevy Festival (04/08/2012)

Date: August 4th, 2012
Venue: Hevy Festival, Kent
Interviewer: Jack Bastard

Format: Written


Last Witness have had an incredible year so far, with the release of their new album ‘Mourning After’ and touring with the likes of Your Demise and The Devil Wears Prada being just a few of their achievements. After a brief break up and new members added, Last Witness 2.0 are a testament to themselves proving that drive and ambition are the key to success:

DP!: You just came off tour with Your Demise. How did that go?
Sykes: Yeah, it was cool. It was a bit of a strange one. We went to small towns that we don’t really go to like Coventry, Cheltenham, Carlisle; all the Cs. But, yeah, it was good, it was fun.
DP!: Good turn outs even in the smaller towns?
Sykes: Yeah, there was a couple where it wasn’t so good, like Lincoln wasn’t so great. But, for the most part, it was cool.

DP!: You’ve got Every Time I Die and Stray From The Path coming up. Are you excited by that?
Sykes: Yeah, absolutely stoked. It’s our first huge tour we’ve done to a certain extent.
DP!: Does that go into Europe at all?
Sykes: It’s going to Europe for a week which is pretty rad.

DP!: So Last Witness, I feel, are a perfect example of starting at the bottom and working your way up. How does it feel to be playing festivals such as Hevy and getting such a good reaction?
Sykes: Yeah, it’s great. It’s kind of weird, like, we’ve done it in a very unconventional way.
DP!: What are the origins of that?
Sykes: So, we started in 2006 and just played small DIY shows for a while until 2008. Then we broke up for a year and a half. We recorded an album before we broke up and never released it. Then Theo, our singer said “do you want to release it?”, so we got it mixed and mastered and released it for free and we got a pretty crazy reaction to it. We got like a thousand downloads in about 20 minutes. So we sort of went from there and just decided to write a 7″ with our new drummer [who joins the conversation] and then we released that on Holy Roar. That was pretty cool and then decided to take it up to the next level and do an album. We had a bit of a problem where myself and Theo have been at uni, so we were a bit limited as to what we could do.

DP!: Then ‘Mourning After’ came out. How did that get received?
Sykes: Yeah, it was great. Really well and we weren’t expecting it. Definitely production helps; we went to a proper producer and a proper studio this.
DP!: Who did you go to?
Sykes: A guy called Neil Kennedy at the Ranch in Southampton and went really well. This is our bassist, Adrian [as he joins us].
Adrian: Hello mate.

DP!: So what kind of things keep you going? What’s the drive for Last Witness?
Connor: The ‘LOLs’, just all the ‘LOLs’. Just that’s it. Hang out with your mates, play a bit of music.
DP!: Is that why it reformed after the split?
Connor: I think I literally begged to drum for him because I didn’t want them to split.
DP!: Is that how it is?
Connor: Yeah. We were just FB chatting one night and I was like “Well this has to happen because that album is cool”, so we did that. And we’re literally still having the ‘LOLs’.

DP!: So where does Last Witness go from here? What’s going to happen?
Sykes: We’re going to record a couple of new songs in September just to keep things moving rather than drying up. Then we’re going to try and do an album as soon as possible rather than have this huge gap that bands have. And then just more touring.
DP!: Do you have any others apart from Every Time I Die lined up?
Sykes: Not really, it’s just talks and stuff at the moment but nothing has been confirmed.
DP!: Anything else you want to say?
Sykes: Buy the record, download it.
Adrian: I downloaded it. I deleted it too.

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Written by Jack Bastard
Interview by Jack Bastard