INTERVIEW: Icon For Hire (12/02/2021)

Credit: Promo

Going independent is a route that has become more and more common with bands and artists nowadays, and Illinois duo Icon For Hire are no exception after deciding to go without a label from 2015.

Taking the route to crowdfund their last album ‘You Can’t Kill Us’ shortly after proved not only was it the right decision for them, but also allowed the strength, unity, and support of their fanbase to shine through. Come its follow-up ‘Amorphous’ a few years later, which raised over $263,000 via its Kickstarter, their fanbase truly is a lifeblood they don’t take for granted.

With the release of the album just around the corner, we caught up with vocalist Ariel Bloomer to talk about the record, the importance of their fanbase, what they’ve learned since going independent, the future of livestream events, and more.

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The band’s fourth studio album, ‘Amorphous’, is out on February 19th 2021.

You can pre-order the album online from the band’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), and Amazon (here).