INTERVIEW: I Left You For Summer @ Salford University, Manchester (14/11/2009)

Date: November 14th, 2008
Venue: Salford University, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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I Left You For Summer profile

It’s always nice when you come across a very small underground band that sounds like they’re 10 times bigger and more successful than they are, or even if this same band is just one that you’re proud to know and support and it’s rarity to find anyone else who’s even heard of their name before, let alone have an opinion on their sound. Cheshire’s I Left You For Summer are just one of those bands for a lot of their fans in their local area, and DEAD PRESS! has managed to chat with the band’s bassist Nick Barlow about their upcoming full-length debut album, along with a few other things here and there:


Zach: How’re things going in I Left You For Summer right now?
Nick: It’s all good really, erm, there’s a lot of change going on recently. Our old drummer quit, he left us. He wasn’t really enjoying the band, so we’ve just recently got a new drummer in. Erm, we’re planning for a new album aswell.

Zach: How’s the new album coming along?
Nick: Sweet as, we’re all so happy with it. Just like what we’ve done with it, and how we’ve experimented with our – with our sound is really different. We’ve taken bands like – and influences from like Underoath, and bands like Emarosa, and Thursday. It’s a bit more different from the other stuff, we’re exploring more of a heavier side I’d say, but quite more melodic. Rob‘s really working on his voice this time aswell, so expect different things with the vocals, and with everything else really.

Zach: Are there any names floating about for it?
Nick: There are, erm, but I have to keep that all hush-hush apparently [laughs]. I’ve been ordered by the rest of the band not to – but like erm, from next week on there might be stuff on the MySpace that may crop up. That’s my hint there [laughs].

Zach: Have you got any song titles you can tell us that’ll be on the record?
Nick: I do have one, which will be up next week, it’s called ‘That’s A Stylish Way To Hit The Ground’. It’s probably gonna be one of the first songs that’ll be on the album, but erm, we’re really happy with that. And it’s the first recorded song that we’ve done, so erm, we love it. I hope everyone else loves it too.

Zach: Is ‘Play Dead, Wear A Mask’ gonna be on the album, or is that just a single?
Nick: That’d be a secret [laughs], but erm, we’re considering re-doing it. With having a new drummer and all we’re just going for a different kind of sound aswell, so. But hopefully it should be on it.

Zach: You plan to bring out a single in December, any news you can share with us about that?
Nick: It’ll probably be before December now with everything that’s happened, it’s all happened – like all good things have happened so quickly. So, erm, it could be up within like the next few weeks, it’s – so I’d keep posted on that.

Zach: Is there an approximate release date for the album?
Nick: We do, erm, again that’ll be released probably in the next couple of weeks or so. We’re hoping early, so early 2009, so like February/March kind of time. We’ve just basically finished pre-production now, so it’s getting there.

Zach: Finally, are there anymore plans in the pipeline for the band?
Nick: Erm, 2009 we’re hoping is gonna be a big year. Trying to get label interest, and we’re gonna play in every town in England, that’s where we wanna be. We just wanna tour, play, get our word out, and tell everyone who I Left You For Summer are.

With that, DEAD PRESS! thank Nick for allowing us to do the interview in his university accomodation and for sparing some of his free time to chat with us. All that’s left to do is get back from Manchester, and home. With all that Nick‘s told us, it seems I Left You For Summer will be releasing their album sooner than expected, whether it’s worth any hype or not is yet to be seen.

Written by Zach Redrup