INTERVIEW: Hang The Bastard (20/08/2011)

After some travelling complications, Hang The Bastard were forced to change their set time, date and stage they were to perform on at this year’s Hevy Festival. With an impressive album in ‘Hellfire Reign’ released a few months beforehand, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to chat with the guys to talk about things as of late, and what’s within their scope in the foreseeable future:

Josh: You guys were supposed to open the main stage at Hevy on Saturday, how frustrating was it having to move to the Sunday?
HTB: It was shame we didn’t get to play the main stage, but I guess you can’t really help it if your van breaks down. We were really thankful that the organizers still let us play on the Sunday though.

Josh: What was your reaction to playing Macbeth stage?
HTB: Being totally honest, I think it worked out quite well for us getting to play the Macbeth stage as we had a lot of time to soundcheck, so we could get the exact sound we wanted. Plus, the fact that everyone crammed in there and went off made the atmosphere a whole lot more intense.

Josh: What would you have rated the crowd at Hevy out of 5?
HTB: During our set… 10!

Josh: Who did you manage to check out at Hevy? Which bands really impressed you?
HTB: Touché Amoré were easily the best band that I saw that weekend. It was great seeing Strife as well.

Josh: Do you guys change your sets for when you play festivals, or do you stick to a regular set list for most shows?
HTB: We did actually plan our set and how we wanted it to flow for Hevy Fest. We even brought out an old song from our first EP to finish on. I don’t think we’d played ‘Oblivion’ in around two years. Felt good to play it again and have so many people singing along.

Josh: Your latest record ‘Hellfire Reign’ has nearly been out for a year now, are you looking forward to getting a new record out and playing those songs live?
HTB: We’ve got loads coming your way over the next few months, you’ll just have to wait and see what though.

Josh: Is the new record going to move on from the ‘Hellfire Reign’ sound, or is it a formula you want to stick to?
HTB: All of our records are different, and we’d like to think that with each record there is a steady progression. Personally, I think the latest recordings that we’ve made are a giant leap forward from ‘Hellfire Reign’.

Josh: You guys are currently with Purgatory and Holy Roar, what’s it like working with those guys? Didn’t Alex from Holy Roar play with you last year?
HTB: Yeah, both Ajay and Alex are good friends and cool people to work with. Alex from Holy Roar was basically our bassist for five or six months, but it was never going to be full time.

Josh: If you could go out on the road with any band, who would it be?
HTB: Slayer.

Interview by Josh Peett