INTERVIEW: Eighteen Visions (13/10/2020)

Credit: Promo

You’d be hard pressed to find a metalcore band out there today that hasn’t been influenced by Eighteen Visions, who returned from a ten year long hiatus in 2017.

Following their comeback full-length ‘XVIII’ that year, which across the board was considered a blistering return to form, new material from the Californian outfit had been a little scarce, and in deciding to proceed as an independent band have mainly focused on repressings of their older work, and at the start of 2020 re-recorded two tracks from their 2002 LP, ‘Vanity’.

Everything on their terms, with their schedules and complete freedom, they came forth thick and fast with a new EP this month called ‘Inferno’, which is arguably not only their heaviest effort in over two decades, but also their first venture into working to a concept.

With so much happening in such a quick time, we spoke with vocalist James Hart to talk about the EP, how the concept came to be, becoming independent, how he views their older material today (including how he’d re-do the whole of ‘Vanity’ if possible), being labeled as “fashioncore” in the early and mid 2000s, and more.

You can check out the full interview below.

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The band’s new EP, ‘Inferno’, is out now.

You can order the EP online from the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), and Amazon (here).