INTERVIEW: Death Blooms (18/06/2021)

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The past year or so has been more than frustrating and heartbreaking for so many people, and Liverpool’s Death Blooms have summed up all of our experiences succinctly with the title of their latest EP, ‘Fuck Everything’.

The relatability of its title and content may just be what’s helped to push Death Blooms through the ranks of their nu-metalcore peers lately, and landed them to the honour to be the opening band for the entire Download Pilot weekend.

After their set, we spoke with frontman Paul Barrow about the past year, how ‘Fuck Everything’ was meant to be an album that’s still waiting in the wings to be released, and more.

DP!: You guys played the first set at Download Pilot today, meaning you opened this special festival. How are you feeling?
P: Right now just fully, fully overwhelmed. I was throughout the whole set really, and was just trying to fight back the tears when we were playing and when we weren’t too. I’ve got a proper comedown from the adrenaline of it all going on now because it was such a buzz.

DP!: How’ve you been spending your lockdown before leading up to this? Did you pick up any lockdown hobbies?
P: Oh, yeah. I’ve started to learn how to use Photoshop, I’ve learnt more about video editing, I’ve started to learn about PR stuff. I’ve fucking went in, man, and just decided to learn the works on doing bits here and there ourselves if we need to. I was like, I can’t just sit here — I mean, I have just sat there and played loads of Football Manager too, haha, and easily completed Netflix a couple of weeks in, but other than that I’ve stayed busy.

DP!: You guys recently put out your new EP, ‘Fuck Everything’, which seems to have gone down well with your fans and critics too. How’ve you found the reception to it on your end being in the band?
P: It’s been really sick, man. I think especially with the kind of songs that they are they really sort of connected with people, especially at the time that we released them and the EP too. We recorded all of those songs before lockdown and then it just took on a whole new thing and I think everyone just got it, like, literally fuck everything right now. It’s been good.

DP!: From what I understand were you meant to release an album, but then you took a few songs from that and put them out as this EP instead?
P: Yeah, that’s right. Everything is recorded and everything is done for the album, and it’s been done for a very, very long time, but it just didn’t seem right to put it out there because we want to give it life and we want to be able to go out on tour with it. It’s sick that bands are putting out loads of music and albums and stuff, but we thought for us and with it being our first album we’ll just sit on it for a bit. Then someone from our label was like “Do you know what we should do? With these songs we could do this right now?” and so the EP coming to be from there was just really easy and natural with the situation that we’re in.

DP!: Is the album going to have those songs from the EP on there still, or is there going to be some other new songs in their place now?
P: We’ll see, we’ll see, haha. We don’t want to give too much away right now and we’re not going to give everyone the same shit, but it’ll mostly be new stuff that we put on there, yeah.

DP!: Obviously not just with the title ‘Fuck Everything’ but with everything in life being pretty terrible for the most part this past year, when we eventually get into a post-COVID world do you feel like people will be more empathetic and the world will be a better place now that the pandemic has put things into perspective?
P: Absolutely. I think that certain people have definitely shown their true colours over lockdown. For example, throughout the whole Black Lives Matter protests, a lot of people have just outted themselves as being fucking cunts, and so hopefully I do think it’s going to be better because for some reason Brexit and stuff has given all of these arseholes a platform and there’s more good people ready to drag them down – that’s a good move in my opinion. No one likes to be combative in what they say, but if it’s the right thing to do then it’s the right thing to do. I’m hopeful.

DP!: Either way I’m sure there’ll always be plenty of things to say ‘Fuck Everything’ to and fuel your songs.
P: I’ll always be pissed off at the world. I’ve never not been pissed off at it. It’s just about channelling that energy about things that make you angry, even the little things that happen in your life and people that you don’t get on with. That’ll always be there and people will always need that outlet. For me anyway, Death Blooms is that outlet and my outlet, and I think that’s what connects people to us.

Death Blooms‘s third EP, ‘Fuck Everything’, is out now via Adventure Cat Records.

You can order the EP online from the band’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), and Amazon (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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