INTERVIEW: Cutting Teeth (28/01/2020)

Credit: Olli Appleyard

A new year sees a new breed of bands who’ll rise through the ranks over the 12 months to come, and one of such who’ve been bubbling under the surface in the couple of years since their inception are Yorkshire outfit, Cutting Teeth.

They’ve started off their 2020 with a co-headline tour alongside another newcomers, Raiders, and we spoke with frontman James Thurlby to discuss their recent EP, gaining attention from major magazines, and what they have planned this year.

DP!: It’s day two of your tour with Raiders, how’s it feel to be back on the road?
JT: It honestly feels like we’ve not stopped almost. Christmas and stuff went so quickly. We’re happy to go back on the road, it’s been welcome and we’ve got the same crew so we’ve got the same comfort of what to expect.

Newcastle last night was really amazing too. There was a lot of people moving and enjoying the set. We didn’t really know what to expect with it being our first date in Newcastle ever, and to do that well with a headline date too was amazing.

DP!: Your second EP, ‘Fracture / Decompose’, is a few weeks old now. What was the intent when putting that EP together in contrast to the debut ‘First Cut’? Were there any lessons that you took from that into doing your second EP?
JT: It was definitely to kind of go a bit more abrasive than before. Obviously you get at least one person in the band saying “I want us to do something more heavy”, but there’s a million different ways to actually go “more heavy”; you can sound more raw, you can include more heavy lyrics, etc. Everything under the sun can impact your sound and change where you go with it, and I think it was just a case that we wanted to make everything very organic and make it sound real so it doesn’t sound like it’s being tapped into a computer. We wanted it to sound like a very intense and real experience like it would be live, which is what we always try to do anyway.

DP!: Sure. Do you think you achieved what you aimed for with the end product?
JT: Yeah, I do. I think we’ve definitely stepped forward with exactly what the direction is that we’d like to take, and I think that there’s also definitely lessons that we have taken from it that we now want to take further on the next release.

DP!: The EP also managed to get quite a lot of attention too, with big names like Kerrang! and Alt Press featuring you. How does it feel to have them giving you that kind of attention?
JT: It’s very weird because obviously we grew up reading magazines like Kerrang!, and so being on the phone and chatting with them, and with it being so casual and chilled too, I’m just like “This is very weird” but of course it was really humbling.

DP!: It’s great to get that kind of focus and attention so early in your career. What do you think it is about Cutting Teeth that is giving you this extra boost so quickly, and what are you getting out of this band that you didn’t get from bands you’ve been in in the past?
JT: I think it’s mainly the fact that everything that what we’re doing in Cutting Teeth is actually more real and genuine. When we started this that was the intent, and as it grew as people joined the driving motivation kind of started. We recorded the first song on a bit of a whim, and as soon as we had it down and put it out and saw you and others responding to it, that gave us the buzz to keep it going. Today is actually two years to the day when we recorded our first video, which is crazy.

It’s also reassuring to get that reassurance from sites and magazines. I’ve always believe in other bands I’ve been in, but it’s not something that I’ve got before to this degree. This just feels a bit more real to me.

DP!: You do a lot of the artwork that goes towards the band, from the EP covers to the tour poster for this run. Do you think that it’s important, especially in today’s climate, for bands to be as DIY as possible?
JT: I think it all depends on what your intent is as a band. To be honest, even though I do most of our stuff in regards to artwork, I do run it through everyone because we all have to be happy with it. I think yes to a certain degree the band should be able to say what they want and do what they want image-wise, but I don’t think every band should do it themselves. The biggest perk of it honestly is saving some money, haha. I do it as well because members of bands I love do their own artwork, like Jordan from Every Time I Die and Jacob from Converge.

DP!: It hasn’t been long since the new EP dropped, but has their been any talk or work on new material?
JT: Yeah, we’ve already been working on some new material. We recorded ‘Fracture / Decompose’ back in May so it’s actually been something that we’ve been sitting on for a while anyway, and then after playing songs on the road we’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t with what we’ve done so far. Obviously new music comes out all of the time anyway, and nowadays you see more singles now, more than ever, and we’re constantly taking in new inspirations from stuff too.

DP!: It’s only the start of year, but what’s the vision and intent of what you want to have achieved by the end of 2020?
JT: Growth, just more growth. Obviously we want to play more and more shows too, and we definitely want to put out a few singles this year too. We might trial a few things with them first before we start thinking about putting out something with more meat to it like another EP. We definitely want to play around with a few new ideas to see how it comes out.

The band’s second EP, ‘Fracture / Decompose’, is out now.

You can order the EP online from the band’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band and what they’re up to online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.