INTERVIEW: Currents (04/11/2018)

Credit: Promo

Rising Connecticut metalcore band Currents have just announced that they plan to follow-up their 2016 full-length ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ with a brand new EP, ‘I Let The Devil In’, which comes out in December.

Having just released the lead single, ‘Into Despair’, we had a quick chat with vocalist Brian Wille backstage at the London date of the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour to find out more.

DP!: How does it feel to be playing the Never Say Die! Tour?
B: It’s so weird. I’ve seen the line-ups go for years, and it’s just crazy being on the tour, and in such crazy company – like, Northlane, are you kidding me?! I love Casey and Alazka too. Polar are new to me. I was hearing that they’ve been quiet for a while and they’ve just started putting out new stuff.

DP!: Speaking of new stuff, you’ve just released ‘Into Despair’.
B: Yeah, so that’s like the newest song on the EP, and for months I was just pushing the guys, like, “This song has to be on the EP!” It took a while, but I was pushing it so hard. We were trying to figure out what we were going to record, and I thought that we need a heavier song to really fill everything out, and bridge the gap from ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ to the newer stuff. I think it’s like a cool transitional song that says “We can do this, but we can also do what we’re going to do on the EP.”

DP!: How long have you been working on the new EP?
B: Since ‘The Place I Feel Safest’ was finished in 2016. We pretty much started working on new stuff as soon as we got out of the studio. On and off, because we’ve been touring so much, but y’know, we come back to things. We’ve had a lot of time to work through ideas. One of the songs was an instrumental that was written before ‘The Place I Feel Safest’, and I just didn’t know what to do with it. There was so much going on with it and I just didn’t know how to approach it at the time, but after learning a little bit writing the last release, I kind of figured it out.

DP!: So how will it follow on from ‘The Place I Feel Safest’?
B: I mean, I tried to continue with consistent themes in the lyrics. I think lyrically I went into a bunch of different stuff on the last record, and this time around I tried to really condense everything I was trying to say just into five songs, and really nail out. Y’know, really actually say what I want to say, and I think I did it for the most part.

DP!: What made you want to include instrumental versions of all the tracks?
B: We like having the songs included without vocals, because you experience it in a different way. Just hearing it instrumentally, you can kind of use your imagination for whatever melody pops into your head, you enjoy it a different way. But also, it’s easier for people who want to do vocal covers and stuff.

DP!: Anything else coming up for you guys?
B: It’s pretty dark right now. Well, not completely dark, but I think we just have a lot that we’re doing right now and we’re still waiting to see what happens next year. I think after the headlining tour we have in the States, we’re still waiting to see what will happen after that. But we’ll find out soon. Probably.

The band’s new EP, ‘I Let The Devil In’, is scheduled to be released on December 14th 2018 via SharpTone Records.

You can pre-order the EP online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).