INTERVIEW: Crown The Empire (21/09/2018)

Credit: Promo

Texas based metalcore outfit Crown The Empire have released only two songs this year, most recently the massive sounding ‘What I Am’. Yet, despite the surfacing of new material, there’s still no news on that elusive fourth album and follow-up to 2016’s ‘Retrograde’.

So, during their brief stint in the UK to tease us for something more, we headed to the London date of of the run to grill vocalist Andy Leo and bassist Hayden Tree on what we can expect next, and when we finally get album number four.

DP!: Welcome back to the UK guys! How’s the tour been going?
A: Yeah, it’s been good so far. The jet lag was brutal for the first couple of days! Last night was the first night that I felt really in the groove. I just got super fucking drunk. I didn’t even mean to, honestly. I was like, you know, it’s London tomorrow, we’ve got people to impress, let’s keep it chill. It didn’t happen…

DP!: You’ve just released a new song, ‘What I Am’. Tell us more about that.
H: Yeah, it’s not even been out 24 hours yet.
A: It’s our baby. We’re so proud of that one. It was done pretty early on, in terms of the rest of the album, and once it was done we were like “Holy shit, this is the one.” We put ’20/20′ out first because we wanted to make sure that people weren’t gonna be nervous that there wouldn’t be any metalcore on the album, but ‘What I Am’ definitely felt like the obvious single. It’s still dressed up in our sound. We’re super fucking proud of it.

DP!: The video is interesting. Where’d you get that idea?
A: We made like a mood board with Pinterest, and we just found some cool aesthetics. We added like, a maze, and then we thought of the control room, with the guys looking through the glass, and then we were like “Well, what if we were in a science experiment?”. We’re super into Westworld and sci-fi movies and stuff. It’s definitely the most heavy handed that we’ve been in the creative process for a music video so far. I think it turned out amazing.

DP!: You said that the song is less heavy than your other stuff. Will we hear more of this kind of thing on the new album?
A: Not necessarily. Like I said, ‘What I Am’ just has the most anthemic kind of sound, but there’s definitely more heavy stuff on there.
H: There’s everything!
A: We’ve always had ballads and alternative songs and stuff, but they’re all definitely in the same realm.
H: I never know what we’re gonna do until we start doing it. We’ll be like, “Let’s write a heavy song”, and then we’ll just do it. We just do what we wanna do, what means the most to us.

DP!: You released ‘Everything Breaks’ online to download for free, and you said that it was “too sad” to go on the album. Does this mean that the new album has a more positive vibe?
H: Nah. It’s so depressing!
A: Haha! Nah, it was just one of the first ideas that we had. We only had a handful of finished ones and that was one of them, and we were like, “…this is so fucking miserable, dude.” It’s very slow and introspective, and, as much as I love that shit, in terms of Crown The Empire, we wanted to stay in our lane and put our best foot forward. But, yeah, the album is definitely still depressing, haha.

DP!: So, most importantly… when will we hear more?
A: Ummmm…
H: Follow us and you’ll find out!
A: I truly don’t know, but we’re going to finish the last two songs, and then we’ll be done with the album. We were shooting for this year, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.
H: You’ll definitely have it next year. We promise.

The band’s yet-to-be-titled fourth full-length album is expected to see a release in 2019 through Rise Records.

Their latest album, ‘Retrograde’, is out now through Rise Records.

You can purchase it online from the band’s official webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).