INTERVIEW: Crossfaith (26/05/2020)

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Japanese electronic metal heroes Crossfaith are back with new EP ‘Species’ that once again shows that the band are not afraid to push the boundaries of metal. Vocalist Kenta Koie said “Playing heavy music is how I feel alive. We want Crossfaith to be the band making music that no one has ever heard before.”

We had a chat with Ken about the new EP, guest vocals, and what it’s like releasing music during a global pandemic.

DP!: How are you feeling going into the release of ‘Species’ EP?
K: We all are super excited and can’t wait to see how this EP goes down.

DP!: The record comes 11 years after the release of your debut album, ‘The Artificial Theory For The Dramatic Beauty’. How does life in Crossfaith compare to how it was back in 2009?
K: We were dreaming of becoming a band who could tour the world, and now our dream is coming true. We’ve been traveling to a lot of places in the world. That’s the main difference between now and then.

DP!: The first tracks we got to hear from ‘Species’ were ‘Digital Parasite’ and ‘Endorphin’. Why did you decide to lead with these two songs to begin with?
KK: This time we featured some 90s vibes. We used acid bass sound on the very intro of ‘Endorphin’, and it is a signature sound of new Crossfaith. ‘Digital Parasite’ is a strong a track as ‘Endorphin’, but I guess ‘Endorphin’ is more iconic.

DP!: Do you think these two songs are the best representation of the EP as a while?
K: Oh, I’d say no. This time each song has a different concept and different sounds, so you need to hear the whole EP to understand it.

DP!: One of the other tracks, ‘None Of Your Business’, sees you team up with rapper. Jin Dogg. How did that come about? What was it like working together?
K: The first time I knew him was a short documentary called ‘Dirty Kansai’ on YouTube. I saw he smashed it on his show, and there was a huge mosh pit, and so we decided to have him on our own event called ‘NITROPOLIS’. He is a very chill person off stage and I felt sympathy for him. Working with him was a great experience for me. He came up to the studio then he started to write the lyrics. In 30 minutes he’d finished writing his lyrics and then went straight into the recording booth. I always spend days finishing just one song, haha.

DP!: How do you and the rest of the band feel about releasing an EP during an almost worldwide lockdown?
K: It’s actually not the best timing to release music in the view of the business side, but all we can do is encourage people with our music. For us, it was easy to decide to release the EP as soon as we could.

DP!: How important do you feel music is for people at a time like this?
K: Music can soothe our minds and be by our side. A lot of artists are trying to heal the people with their music and it’s an amazing thing, and now we are planning for the future.

DP!: How have Crossfaith managed to keep working together during the pandemic?
K: We actually were in the studio to write new music right before the lockdown and staying for about a month. We were very lucky to have time to be together and make music. You can expect to hear something more from this writing session.

Crossfaith‘s new EP, ‘Species’, is out now via UNFD.

You can order the EP online from Apple Music (here), Amazon Music (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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