INTERVIEW: Chase Atlantic (25/08/2018)

Credit: Holly Parker

Aussie pop-rock trio Chase Atlantic have been drumming some hype, having toured with Sleeping With Sirens across the US, recently appearing on the cover of Rock Sound, and announcing a world tour of their own. All that, and still on their debut album.

We chatted to the band backstage at Reading Festival (their first ever UK show, by the way) to find out what they’ve got coming next.

Credit: Lindsey Blane

DP!: Welcome to the UK guys! What a way to kick off your first ever UK show! Was it everything that you hoped it would be?
MC: And more!
CC: It was a beautiful way to start. We weren’t expecting that.
CA: We had a few people tell us they were coming, but we weren’t expecting that crowd.
CC: They’d filled up the whole tent by the end.
MC: I think a lot of people just came in who’d been walking by the tent as well and heard us.

DP!: So you’ve just announced a world tour, and your London show has just been upgraded, so that’s a pretty big deal.
CC: I think it’s getting upgraded again too.
MC: We’re thinking about KOKO… We’ll see what happens.
CA: KOKO would be cool though.
CC: Considering we’ve never played here, it’s already pretty cool.
CA: This is our first proper world tour, except we still need to get some Australian dates in there, but we’re working on it.

DP!: So you released three EPs before you released an album. Why was that, and how did you decide which tracks would make the album?
CA: I dunno, it was just an idea we kinda had, and we ran it through the label, and it looks like they’ve started to follow that format. It was just a way to release our music without releasing the album yet. A lot of labels make you wait to release an album, and it was also a good way to check out what songs people liked.
MC: In terms of deciding, it was a mixture between our favourite ones and our fans’ favourite ones. I know there was a couple of fan favourites that didn’t make it, and a couple of ours that didn’t make it, but it was just whichever ones we thought were strongest at the time.

DP!: You guys have quite a versatile sounds where you can play to both pop and rock audiences. How do you find that’s received, and do you purposely try to genre bend?
MC: We were saying this earlier, we kinda just make music and see how it turns out. We do it organically, and it ends up sounding like our music anyway. That’s the best part about it, we don’t really have to try to make it sound like anything.
CC: We work hard, but we don’t force anything.

DP!: It’s pretty cool that you actually bring the saxophone out live, rather than just relying on a backing track.
CC: Nah, that’d be too awkward.
CA: A lot of bands would have just an extra person who’s not in the band to play it.
CC: Our other guitarist and drummer are in the band, they’re like full-time touring members. It wouldn’t feel the same without them. When it started it was just us three, but when we played our first live shows in Australia with them, it just felt right.

DP!: So you released ‘Tidal Wave’ a couple months ago, does that mean there’s new music on the way?
CA: 100%. We’ve wanted to release more but we’ve had a few hiccups and roadblocks. We’ve been on tour a lot as well.

DP!: So… is it a new album?
MC: Oooh, you’ll just have to wait and find out.
CA: You’ll see! You’ll all see!

DP!: Lastly, who are you guys wanting to catch today?
CA: Chase Atlantic.
CC: I think we’re gonna see our friend Yungblud at some point. One of our friends is doing the sound for Pendulum as well, so we’ll probably catch them.
MC: Maybe Kendrick too.
CA: Wait, is he playing?!

The band’s new single, ‘Tidal Wave’, is out now through MDDN Records.

You can stream/purchase the single online now from Spotify (here), Deezer (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).