INTERVIEW: Cassyette (20/06/2021)

Credit: Frederick Wilkinson

Though not everyone is a fan of TikTok, what can’t be denied is how it has helped to provide exposure and propel artists both big and small. One of those emerging successes is Cassyette.

A singer, songwriter, DJ – a music toolkit basically – Cassyette has managed to acquired an audience of over one million on the massive video social platform. Not only that, but with a handful of singles, she’s bagged a collaboration with Frank Carter (amongst others), and a slot at Download Pilot.

While at the festival, we had a chat with Cassyette about her set that day, working with Frank Carter, why she loves TikTok, why she should never be trusted to cook a pizza, and more.

DP!: How does it feel to be at and perform at such a special one-off event like Download Pilot?
C: It’s amazing. Just to be here and soak it up is amazing. I feel like this is the happiest festival that I’ve ever been to because everyone is just so happy to be here, and of course, because we’ve all been locked away for way over a year now. I feel so blessed to be here. Every time that I’ve been to Download before has been as a fan and now I’m playing so it’s sick. It’s fucking sick.

DP!: I bet. How did you find your set earlier today?
C: Really good. Oh my god, it was so good. I was just so excited. Weirdly I didn’t feel all that nervous and I usually do get nervous before a show, but because we haven’t been able to do this I’m just ecstatic to see people and just to be able to do it. It was so cool.

DP!: How’ve you been spending your lockdown? Did you pick up any lockdown hobbies at all?
C: I did. I’ve avoided baking and cooking which most other people seem to have done, mainly because I can’t do it, haha. I can’t even cook a pizza. We had to call the fire brigade one time because at my old flat I put a pizza in the oven and left it, and it eventually set the oven on fire. I was luckily stood at the side because if I had opened the oven door face on it would’ve blasted fire at me and at my face.

DP!: Oh, what? Really? How long did you leave it in there for?
C: I’m not sure exactly, but a really long time. Honestly it was so bad. So, as you can imagine, I didn’t do any of that over lockdown. But I did TikTok and I got into that, so that was one thing, and I just wrote music the whole time because there really wasn’t anything else to do. It was great. I did a lot of sessions with people abroad as well which was cool, because obviously people started to know and learn what Zoom was and that you can actually do things and create over the Internet. What a revelation. You can collaborate with people all over the world, which is so fucking sick. That was amazing. I was writing for this artist and they couldn’t speak English but they wanted an English song, so I was writing and I had this guy translating in French for this artist for their song, and that was sick. I was like, I can’t believe that this was happening over Zoom and I’m sat in my house in Essex.

DP!: You recently put out a new single called ‘Prison Purse’. It’s only been a few days, but how’ve you been finding people have been reacting to that song so far?
C: It’s been fire. It was so sick today because the song has literally been out for three days, and this was the best scene of the whole weekend for me – there were fans standing at the front of the barrier during my set singing the song. They’ve had literally three days to learn and know the words. That literally made my life.

DP!: You were talking about collaborating a lot with artists recently. Are there any favourite collaborations you’ve done that you can talk about? I know of course that you have a song you wrote with Frank Carter that you performed alongside them this weekend.
C: Yeah, I mean, it’s Frank. Come on. He’s so fucking sick. I’m just so excited for the tune that we did together to come out because it’s a really special song and, although he’s a friend he’s also a hero of mine as well, so for him to ask me in the first place to do the song is amazing. Then we realised that we were both going to be here and playing this festival so he was like, “Cas, you have to come on stage” and I was like “Frank, I have never played at a festival before. I’m going to die.” But he was so sweet and he gave me this crazy talk up. It was a different world for me and so amazing, and to see everyone in the audience vibing that much to a new song was epic.

DP!: The thing with Frank Carter is that not only has he been great with The Rattlesnakes, but he also had his band Pure Love and then Gallows before that too, which all sound different and all blew up in their own way.
C: I know, right? Exactly. He’s so awesome and a great man, so he’s been the best collaboration for me. There’s been other stuff too, and it’s also been really cool over lockdown because I’ve been working with a lot of up-and-coming artists too like myself, and I’ve met so many people over Zoom and TikTok and stuff. I have other songs coming out with other new artists and I’m really excited about that.

DP!: You’ve talked about TikTok, and a lot of people have initially taken that as something they’ll just do here and there during lockdown to pass the time, but it’s become something more than that. With you, you’ve managed to gain over one million followers. How does that feel? There’s literally more people following you on TikTok than are here at this festival this weekend.
C: It’s insane, but I think it works so well because the videos are so short and quick. I really love it because I have ADHD so I find it hard to concentrate on stuff anyway, so for me to be able to make quick videos and connect with people that way is sick. There’s a whole metal scene going on on there, and the rock scene on there too is amazing. On top of that, because it started out with very young people, sometimes literally kids, they haven’t really been exposed to metal properly, and it’s so sick to be able to see it presented to them and present it myself to them too. I love it.

DP!: A lot of people have considered it a kind of rebirth of pop-punk and metal too. There’s old songs on there going viral and getting recognition again.
C: Literally, you’re absolutely right. That’s why I’m so excited for Bullet For My Valentine because their song ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ has been trending on TikTok, and now there’s all of these young kids who are 12, 13, and probably weren’t even born when that song first came out and now they’re like “Oh my god, I love this song.” Trust me, when I was your age that song was everywhere. It’s amazing to see stuff like that.

DP!: As an artist you perform and write your own songs, and you’ve also had experience as a DJ, and we’ve discussed you collaborate a lot too. With all of these strings to your bow as a musician, what’s your favourite part of being in the industry? What of all of these things do you love doing the most?
C: Personally I’d say it’s writing the songs and the music. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the many parts of it like you’ve mentioned, and I’m a musician so I love to create. I spend a lot of time on my own and making music on my own, and I just like that. The independent life of a hermit, haha. It’s great. I’ve got my band, and one of the guys Tyler is also my producer and he’s amazing. We have a good time making music and that’s my favourite thing.

DP!: What else do you have in the pipeline at the moment for 2021?
C: A lot of music is going to be put out because there’s so music that I’ve made throughout lockdown. We’ve got to get it out there and quick, and I get itching. I’m itching to put it out there, and that’s the main thing. Hopefully some shows too. I’ve got a show in London on September 23rd and that’s going to be wicked because that’ll be my first headline show. I’m really excited for that, and after playing today it was just such a good vibe. I want it to be September already.

DP!: What’s the plan with the new music exactly? Are you gonna drop singles? Is it going to be an EP or an album?
C: Just singles for now I think. I’m new so I need to build things up a bit first, and from there I can see what people are vibing to, because at the end of the day it’s about the people.

Cassyette‘s latest single, ‘Prison Purse’, is out now.

You can keep up-to-date with Cassyette online over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.