INTERVIEW: Brotherhood Of The Lake @ Hevy Festival, Kent (03/08/2012)

Date: August 3rd, 2012
Venue: Hevy Festival, Kent
Interviewer: Jack Bastard

Format: Written


With the recent release of their second full-length record, ‘Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1’, killing all of its competition, the anticipation surrounding Brotherhood Of The Lake‘s performance at this year’s Hevy Festival is very almost painful. Whilst we were at the festival weekend, we decided to catch up with the band plus their stand in bassist for the day, Andy Gillan of Palm Reader fame, to talk about the album, their festival performance and why they’re not a hardcore band:

DP!: So, you guys had a pretty good start to the year touring with The Devil Wears Prada. How was that?
Rusty: Awesome. It was mental, yeah. It was massive. For a band that plays in front of 8 people every night, it was mental.
DP!: Were you surprised at the turn out of the crowd?
Rusty: Definitely. It was like default sold out venues.

DP!: You say that you’re used to playing to few people. What is your opinion on the live music scene today?
Rusty: It’s a bit dark in the UK.
Rob: It’s hit and miss.
Rusty: Yeah, it’s hit and miss. To be fair, sometimes it’s very good. I think these days it’s so bad that bands are getting used to having a rad one when there’s like 10 people.
Grant: People are adjusting to the situation.
Rob:DP!: Does that push your own performance then?
Rob: Yeah, definitely.

DP!: Your new album ‘Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 1’ came out earlier on in the year. Were you surprised at the reaction?
Rusty: Yeah. Pretty much every day when there was a review, me and Rob would text each other just saying “I’m waiting for the shitter”, because they’ve all been good and something’s going to go wrong and it didn’t which is mental.
DP!: Did you find the one shitter in the end?
Rusty: There was a shitter live. A live shitter.
Grant: There wasn’t actually a bad one at all.
Rusty: You know, there were a couple of negative comments, but in a sea of rad ones.
Dan: I think the lowest review was a 7 out of 10.
Rusty: We got a 10 out of 10, I’m just going to say that now. Not bothered.

DP!: So what’s the plan release-wise? What’s coming up next?
Rusty: Volume 2. Probably going to be recorded after the Bastions tour.
Rob: So September, something like that.
DP!: So do you have a date for release?
Rusty: End of November, start of December.
Dan: Definitely by the end of the year.
Rusty: Yeah, two albums in one year was the plan.
DP!: That’s pretty industrious.
Rusty: Yeah, it’s got to be done.

DP!: So you’re touring with Gallows in October. Are you looking forward to it?
Rusty: Yeah.
DP!: How do you feel about being the goths of the tour?
Rob: Yeah, we’re the goths of most tours, so it’s fine.

DP!: You’re kind of hate-filled. Lyrically, it’s pretty angry. Where do you get the inspiration? Why are you so pissed off?
Rob: Well, the trouble is, there’s so many bands that are musically heavy but the lyrics don’t match the music. It’s weird. When heavy music was first created, when it was born it was about being angry and aggressive and that’s died. There’s so much in the world to be pissed off at, why don’t you sing about it?

DP!: So you mentioned the origins of metal. What bands were you listening to when you were growing up? Where does Brotherhood get their direction from?
Rusty: It’s different for all of us.
Rob: The song writers are Rusty and Grant, so the music comes from old school metal.
Grant: Black Sabbath and Metallica.
DP!: Slayer?
Rusty: They might pop up at a certain point.

DP!: What about the scene at the moment? The word ‘hardcore’ is being thrown around a lot.
Rusty: It’s mental. I saw a podcast from a particular rock publication the other day that said that Black Breath were hardcore. Like, look at the promo picture of their band; they’re sitting on a table with glasses of blood and a goat’s head. How much more metal do you want to be? It’s insane that that’s being called ‘hardcore’.
DP!: So does it piss you off when people label you as hardcore?
Dan: Well, yeah, that was the bad review that we got.
DP!: You’re a bad hardcore band?
Rusty: Yeah, there’s a reason for that, because we’re metal. It’s mental. It’s nothing to do with hardcore, we’re a metal band.

DP!: Are you looking forward to anyone in particular this weekend?
Rusty: Loads.
Rob: Rise And Fall, The Chariot, Converge, Worms Feed. Lewd Acts pulled out which I was a little bit gutted about, because I was really looking forward to seeing them. Norma Jean.
Grant: Meshuggah personally.
Rusty: But that’s just Grant.

DP!: Is there anything else that you’d like to say?
Rob: We’re a metal band. Stop calling us hardcore. If you’re a hardcore band, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with hardcore. But if you’re not a hardcore band, don’t say that you are.
Dan: We don’t have sub drops! We’re definitely not hardcore.
Rusty: Don’t pop on a Supreme hat and say that you’re hardcore. Just be a metal band. Grow your hair and a big beard.

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Written by Jack Bastard
Interview by Jack Bastard