INTERVIEW: Broadside (01/07/2020)

Credit: Promo

Virginia pop rockers Broadside sound like a brand-new band on new album ‘Into The Raging Sea’ with cathartic themes of total misery combined with catchy and whimsical choruses that feel fresh on deserved repeat listens. Trouble hit back in 2018 as the band’s earlier lineup disintegrated and label frustrations mounted, but vocalist Ollie Baxxter led the band to a new era with SharpTone Records.

We had a chat with Ollie about the new album and how he’s been keeping busy during lockdown.

DP!: How are you feeling going into the release of ‘Into The Raging Sea’?
OB: I think overall, we are excited, though nervous. We’ve changed the sound a little, grown mentally and altered the overall end goals of the band. Change is always a little terrifying at first.

DP!: What’s it been like working with SharpTone Records? How important was your manager, Shawn Keith, in making the decision to work with the label?
OB: Working with SharpTone has been a godsend. Shawn has been there from the beginning of our career as a signed band. He knows what we’ve been through and never spared his advice. That sort of loyalty speaks volumes to me and so naturally, when we were presented with an opportunity to change labels, we jumped at it.

DP!: What can Broadside fans expect to hear on ‘Into The Raging Sea’?
OB: Honesty. The feelings of a 30 year old man searching the shelves of his own mind for some sense of clarity.

DP!: ‘Foolish Believer’ has a darker and more emotive aesthetic feel than we’ve heard from Broadside – what’s the story behind the song?
OB: I’ve been trying to navigate this band to higher levels for years now. We have been on endless tours and cycled through various band members. I don’t know who I am in the music world anymore. That’s the confession of ‘Foolish Believer’. “I just want to be remembered” It’s pathetic but, I don’t want to hide how I feel anymore. I just hope I’ve done something on this journey that’s worth a damn thing.

DP!: Do the first singles best represent the style of the album?
OB: I’d say they represent the levels of the album sonically. The most honest are being saved for the rest of the album. I will say that this is the first time we struggled with which songs to put out as singles though. There were many favourites behind the scenes.

DP!: How do the band feel about releasing an album during a worldwide lockdown? Did you ever consider delaying the release like some other bands have?
OB: We’ve held on to this album for a year navigating from our old label. We didn’t want to further delay. It’s terrifying, not being able to tour on the promoted singles etc. but, we’re just hoping that the songs are good enough to hold the attention until we’re able to tour again.

DP!: How have you guys been keeping busy during lockdown?
OB: We all have vastly different hobbies. I’m an avid reader and newly addicted runner. I’ve ran a few 10k’s while listening to podcasts/audiobooks. I never imagined I’d enjoy running, but it’s very therapeutic. I’m also working on another poetry book. I’d love to say every morning I wake up inspired to type thousands of words but truly, I do not. Most days, it’s hard to find the inspiration to even make myself a coffee.
The others guys have been staying busy writing new songs, playing video games and watching people do fun things on YouTube.

DP!: Have you had to reschedule any band plans because of the pandemic?
OB: Yes, we’ve had to cancel a tour twice now. It’s heartbreaking but we are playing our part and social distancing, as everyone else should be.

DP!: How important do you think music is at a time like this?
OB: I think like any other outlet, it’s vital. Music is a form of expression and now more than ever people want to feel that magic that music unlocks.

Broadside‘s new record ‘Into The Raging Sea’ will be released on 24th July via SharpTone Records.

You can order the album online from the labels’s official store (here), Apple Music (here), Amazon Music (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram