INTERVIEW: blessthefall @ Academy 3, Manchester (26/11/2007)

Date: November 26th, 2007
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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Outside the Academy venue in Manchester, DEAD PRESS!‘s Zach and Ruth are invited into the blessthefall tour bus to talk to the band on their first tour in Europe. After being directed to meet two members upstairs by the band’s tour manager Doug, they clamber up the steps to meet drummer Matt Traynor and vocalist/bassist Jared Warth.


Zach: How’s your first tour in the UK going so far?
Jared: It’s going really good. Each show gets better each day, the venues are really tight. It’s good. I think London was the best though so far.

Ruth: Everybody says that. Everybody goes “Ooh, London’s great!”
Matt: London was awesome.

Zach: What does the name blessthefall actually mean?
Jared: Erm, well we’re a Christian band, it’s kinda just to pick people up, bless them if they fall down. That’s like, that’s what we do with our music, like give kids hope, help them through their times.
Zach: Cool.

Ruth: What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Matt: Cookie Dough.
Jared: I like French Vanilla.
Zach: What’s that?
Jared: It’s really good, it’s like a spicy vanilla.
Ruth: Oh, we don’t have that over here.
Zach: We have Cookie Dough though, that’s nice.
Matt: Yeah.
Ruth: We have Phish Food, that’s nice.
Jared: Have you ever had Rainbow Sherbert?
Ruth: No.
Zach: I’ve never even heard of it.
Jared: Yeah… it’s good. [laughter]

Zach: How does your faith impact on your music?
Jared: We’re all really religious, and we just like to give kids a good time, show them there’s more to like us as people than just musicians, and we just kinda like show ’em that music can just be fun, and safe, and just have a lot of fun.

Zach: If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?
Matt: Oh man… I would be a monkey, so I could use my tail and swing from things.
Jared: I’d probably be a dolphin, just ’cause I can swim and lot faster and it’d be sweet.
Ruth: And do like squeaky noises?
Matt & Jared: Yeah.

Zach: What can we expect from you tonight?
Matt: Hopefully not what happened last night.
Zach: Why? What happened?
Matt: The bass drum had broken, and we had to cut our set short.
Ruth: Awwh.
Jared: We’ll bring a lot of energy.
Zach: Got a new bass drum yet?
Jared: Yeah. [laughter]
Ruth: They’re just gonna use a broken one, yeah.

Zach: What would you be doing if you weren’t in the band?
Matt: I’d be working at an ice-cream shop.
Jared: I think I’d just be on Halo 3 every day.
Zach: I’ve played Halo and Halo 2, but not the third one.
Jared: Yeah, Halo 3 is amazing!

Ruth: What would you like Santa to bring you this Christmas?
Jared: I want a snowboard, ’cause I like to snowboard a lot.
Ruth: Yeah, you can’t use that in Britain.
Jared: It doesn’t snow very much here, does it?
Zach: No.
Ruth: It just rains a lot.
Zach: Last Christmas was like the first time it snowed in a year.
Jared: Woah.
Zach: It’s pretty bad.
Jared: It doesn’t snow in like Phoenix a lot.
Matt: If ever really.

Zach: How’s the reaction to your album ‘His Last Walk’ been so far?
Jared: The reaction?
Zach: Yeah.
Jared: Er, I don’t know.
Matt: We just, we were handing CDs out yesterday at the London show, so no one else has got their hands on it, unless they went to the store. But erm, how many was it we’ve sold?
Doug: We don’t have the report yet.
Matt: We have no idea how it sold.
Jared: Kids were really digging it, so that’s pretty awesome.

Zach: How do your family feel about you being in the band?
Jared: They’re all really supportive, and they’re really happy for us being in it. It’s kinda hard for us not being there for them sometime, like Craig has a kid, so like he really wants to be home with her, and it’s really hard for all of us ’cause like we have really strong relationships with all of our families. So it’s pretty rough, but they’re happy for us.

Zach: That’s good. What’s your favourite thing about the British?
Ruth: Not the rain?
Matt: I like the outdoor shops. I think it’s sweet.
Zach: Oh, like the markets?
Matt: Yeah.
Jared: I think it’s like awesome that everyone says “hello” to each other. It’s like, everybody’s really, really nice and happy. Everybody has a really good attitude here.
Ruth: Yeah, Manchester’s got this really strange market place called Affleck’s Palace. Did you see it?
Matt: Nahh.
Ruth: You should’ve, it’s great. It’s got a little darlek in there.

Zach: What’s the strangest fan experience been so far?
Matt: I was thinking about this the other day, and I had one.
Jared: As far as total experiences, or just the UK?
Zach: Like anywhere.
Jared: Anywhere? Probably being out here, and seeing all these kids sing our words like across to you. It’s really, really crazy.
Matt: Yeah.
Jared: It’s really awesome to see that.

Ruth: Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Jared: I have to say Pepsi.
Zach: Yeah, I prefer Pepsi.

Zach: What are your favourite films?
Jared: Lord Of The Rings is a good one.
Zach: Which one? Like the trilogy?
Jared: Like all of them. [laughter]
Ruth: I thought they were so boring. I nearly fell asleep.
Jared: They are really good.
Matt: I dunno.
Jared: I like Grandma’s Boy, if you’ve ever seen that?
Zach: No, no.
Ruth: Never even heard of it. [laughter]
Jared: It’s kinda like these whole bunch of guys playing video games, and it’s just really funny.

Zach: What can we expect from blessthefall in 2008?
Matt: A new CD, a tour.
Jared: Yeah, we’re gonna start writing. Well, we’ve already started writing, but we’ve got a few more songs we need to write, then we’ll record, and hopefully be releasing that really soon.

Zach: If you could tour with any band, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jared: I have to say Bullet For My Valentine.
Ruth: Awwh, I met the drummer. He was so nice.
Jared: He’s a really cool guy. I love that band, like a lot.
Zach: I’ve not seen them yet, but hopefully in February.

And with that, we wish the boys good luck with the show, and leave them to their pre-gig rituals.

Written by Zach Redrup