INTERVIEW: Between You And Me (27/07/2021)

Credit: Promo

Melbourne pop-punks Between You And Me are back with their first new music in two years with the release of their excellent single, ‘Supervillain’. Vocalist Jake Wilson had this to say about the track:

“‘Supervillain’ is a track about the notion of wanting to be liked by everyone and coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like you. Being the singer of a band, there can be an unhealthy desire to uphold a certain persona or image to feel accepted – like you belong. ‘Supervillain’ is the embodiment of the online façade we all create and let control our thoughts. When writing for this record, I consciously separated myself from social media to focus on my true values.”

We caught up with the band to talk about the new single and what it was like to release new music during a global pandemic.

DP!: How has the reaction to ‘Supervillain’ been?
BYAM: The response to ‘Supervillain’ has been awesome. We hit 100,000 Spotify streams in the first week – as a metric for a band of our size, that is something quite incredible. The comments and messages from fans have been awesome and it seems like a lot of people are enjoying the track. The track is less ‘pop-punk’ than what we’ve released previously so it’s always funny to see the reactions.

DP!: How does it feel to be releasing new material after all this time?
BYAM: Honestly, it’s a mix of emotions. From between stressed and anxious that everyone is going to hate the track to a cathartic feeling of finally releasing music for the first time in two years. As like everyone in the music industry, the past 18 months have been super tough for our band, but above all mentally tolling. To just be able to release new music into the world was quite a weight off our shoulders. It soon became less about how the song was going to be received, to more about finally achieving something as a band for all the time spent during the COVID lockdowns.

DP!: How did you choose ‘Supervillain’ to the song that kickstart the new chapter of Between You & Me?
BYAM: Awesome question – we certainly went around in circles on which track to release first up as it is the first time that fans had heard from us for such a long time. We decided to go with Supervillain as it is quite a strong rock track and we wanted to highlight the growth of our music – whilst still being fundamentally a BYAM song. We also had a music video concept that we wanted to complement the track.

DP!: What happened in Canada at the start of the pandemic…?
BYAM: At the start of 2020, we had a tour of North America, followed by studio time with Sam Guiana in Toronto. As the pandemic started to unfold in America, our tour was cancelled, and we decided to head to Canada to start the recording process early for our second album. Unfortunately, we were not able to head straight into the studio, so we spent some time in Toronto in an Airbnb avidly watching the news as the world was falling apart. Eventually, the Australian government requested all residents return immediately and we were forced to return to Australia without having recorded anything. Up to that point, there had been so much effort put in to get us to Canada to record the record, so it was very disheartening to return to Australia having failed achieving that objective.

DP!: How do the band feel about releasing a single during a worldwide lockdown? Have you had to delay the release like some other bands have?
BYAM: In Melbourne Australia, we’ve just navigated approximately 200 days of lockdown in the past 18 months. During that time, we’ve faced almost every challenge possible to finally be able release music, so we have reached a point where we just needed to have new music out. As for the lockdowns, we’ve just continued to be flexible in our timelines and planning to accommodate all the restrictions to write, record and film the music videos. The past 18 months have probably taken 5 years off our life expectancy due to all the stress…

DP!: How important is music to people at a time like this?
BYAM: I can’t speak on behalf of all listeners, but music has always been my escape when I’m having shitty time. The pandemic has been very challenging for many people around the world and music can always be that escape from reality for many. Having new music releases through the pandemic and now as we have returned into another lockdown in Australia has been super important to me. I’ve certainly streamed a lot more music over the past 18 months than I would typically.

DP!: How have you guys been keeping busy during lockdown?
BYAM: As a band, we all have different ‘day jobs’, so thankfully most of us have work that can distract us. We work during the day and then catch up on Zoom calls as a band at night with our manager and work through whatever things we need to be working on.

DP!: What plans have you got for the rest of the year?
BYAM: Honestly, given the current vaccination rates in Australia, it is impossible to have any certainty in our long-term plans. That said, we’d love to have new music out and have completed several Australian tours before 2021 is out. ‘Supervillain’ is the first single off our sophomore release, *spoiler alert* so we are super excited to share some more songs off that release and share what we believe is something super special.

Between You & Me‘s new single, ‘Supervillain’, is out now via Hopeless Records.

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