INTERVIEW: Between You & Me (14/12/2018)

Credit: Mitch Chamberlain

There’s been a fair bit of buzz surrounding Australian pop-punk outfit Between You & Me for a few years, but now everything seems to be taking off for the group. Having signed to Hopeless Records back in 2017, they released their debut album ‘Everything Is Temporary’ a few months ago, and toured with the likes of Neck Deep and WSTR, to name but a few.

After such a busy year for the group, we sat down with the band’s frontman Jake Wilson at Glasgow’s The Classic Grand to talk all about their debut album, touring, and what’s next for the Aussie hot shots.

DP!: How has the tour with WSTR been so far?
JW: It’s been incredible, man. I was not expecting the reaction that we’ve been getting from these shows. We’ve always wanted to come to the UK for the last couple of years, but now finally being able to come and seeing how much people dig our shit is – quote, dig our shit (laughs), it’s been great.

DP!: Having played a few shows around the UK over the last few nights, how do live shows over here compare to the Australian live scene?
JW: The drives are so short over here, man. In Australia, the minimum drive from one state to another is like nine and a half hours without stopping. Whereas here, it’s like we’ve only got to drive an hour and a half or two hours. It’s great, crowd-wise too, it’s been amazing. The main difference touring here to Aus, is that I get super tired, because obviously there’s a time difference. Back home we’re a few hours ahead, and it gets dark here at like 4pm, and then from 4pm onwards is when we have to work and be alive, but I’m ready to sleep! (laughs)

DP!: Does touring so close to Christmas make you want to jump into a festive cover?
JW: In one of our shows here, someone actually gave us a Santa hat to wear, so we wore that for a little bit until I realised I look like a knob (laughs). But, other than that, not really. The holiday we all like and try to do every year is Halloween, that’s the one we all shoot for. We’ve never done stuff or tours around Christmas, so I guess we didn’t really give it too much thought.

DP!: When you’re out on tour, what do you guys like to do in your downtime?
JW: What we have been doing is just getting a bit of a sleep in, because we don’t have to get to the venues until around 5pm. But, wherever we’ve been staying, we’ve tried to go sightseeing. For the last couple of mornings in Liverpool, I went out and got breakfast, because I just crave breakfast, it’s like my favourite meal of the day. But if there’s any sights or castles – we’ve tried to see castles, but like today we didn’t really have time. Wherever there’s something we can see, we try to get out and explore and take some photos and shit. It’s so different to back home, we don’t have castles everywhere. Even in the city, like all the old buildings and stuff, that in itself is exploring to me. Melbourne has a little bit of it, but not a lot really.

DP!: You signed to Hopeless Records last year, how did you find moving onto a label?
JW: It was weird, man, because I just came straight out of high school and this was my first band. I had no experience of gigging at all, which sounds very privileged of me, but when we first started playing shows when we recorded our EP, we were talking to the label at the time, but we wanted to work a few more things out before we committed to signing a deal. After we recorded our EP, we did a tour of Australia with With Confidence, and that was a pretty big tour, like 600 kids in some of the shows, and for some of our first shows we were all like “Holy crap, this is wild.” After signing with Hopeless, it’s been great, and it just gets our music out there so that people who wouldn’t necessarily go deep in the archives and find a small pop-punk band could listen to us. That helped us a lot to get our name out there.

DP!: Having released your debut album ‘Everything Is Temporary’ this year. How did fans respond to the record?
JW: It was sick. We were so stoked and super proud of the product that we had in the end. It was kind of like a rush to release for us; not a rush in the release, but we didn’t have much planned for the release. We had a few shows back home and stuff, but then we just kind of sat on the record for a bit. When we came over to America, for example, people were singing all the words to the songs and we were like “We’re doing better than we thought!”. Then, coming over here, people are singing all the words to our new songs, like the single ‘Dakota’, and it all goes off. I mean, I don’t know how popular we are in Scotland, but in the other shows, it’s been wild, man. Kids are just jumping and getting around, and I’m glad that people can find songs from the album that they like.

DP!: The record was full of hooks and great moments, how did you go about writing tracks for the album?
JW: The first song I ever wrote with this band was called ‘Cavalier’, and it was the first song I had ever written. Then we wrote the songs for the EP, but we started writing the songs for ‘Everything Is Temporary’ pretty much after the EP was recorded. We didn’t think “Okay, we have an album of songs we have to write”, we just wrote songs whenever they came up, so we were always writing. I think the more we did that, the more we got to zone in a bit more and work on our craft. It definitely helped me writing heaps, so it was fairly easy for me, although I do like to cram at the last minute (laughs). I actually got some of the best hooks that were on the album, some of my favourites, by working under pressure.

DP!: Going forward with new music, where do you plan to take your sound?
JW: Not really. I don’t have a plan or a template per se. We just want to write the best songs we can. I think we all bring different influences to our songs as we all listen to such different music. I guess we’ll hear it when it all comes together, but I can say that we’re not aiming for something. We don’t think to ourselves that we have to sound like certain things. We’re just going to write the best songs that we think people will like and that we like. I guess when it’s done, we’ll be able to say “That sounds like this or that.”

DP!: As a band, what’s on the bucket list for you to tick off?
JW: Just to see. I haven’t travelled outside of Australia before, and being in a band has allowed me to see so many cool places and different things I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Japan, for example. I never intended on going to Japan and never had it on my list, but the band has taken me to so many cool places. I’d love to keep seeing more places, playing to more fans, writing more music and playing bigger shows, and just work our way up. I’d love to play with Paramore, that’d be the cherry on the cake, but just to do more things really and get as far as we can.

DP!: It’s been a pretty big year for you guys, having released your debut album, toured with Neck Deep in Australia, touring the US and UK, but what would you say has been your favourite moment?
JW: My favourite moment from 2018 would be the Sydney date from the Neck Deep tour. That was sold out with 1200-1300 people there, and I was super nervous before that one. I don’t know why we’d just come from a tour for five weeks in the US, and we had a two week break before we played that show. I guess when you’re on tour for so long you kind of form into a group and you’re in the zone, and after I came back I just did a bit of relaxing and working and stuff, and I hadn’t sung for like a week. So, a few days before the show, I’m like “Fuck, I’ve gotta warm up my voice!” (laughs), but that moment when we got on the stage at the Sydney show was just incredible. There were so many people singing along, we were just like “What!?”. It was super humbling. Also, coming to the UK, the London show was mental, because I’ve always wanted to play here, and it’s been sick.

DP!: What does 2019 have in store for you guys?
JW: Hopefully we’ll do a heap more tours and come back to the UK and Europe or the US, and other places we’ve not gone to yet – countries I don’t even know (laughs). I don’t even know what’s going on next year! (laughs) We’ll be writing new music, and hopefully, record our next album next year. That’s all on the cards, but we just want to do the most we can in a year.

The band’s debut studio album, ‘Everything Is Temporary’, is out now through Hopeless Records.

You can purchase it online from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band and what they’re up to online via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.