INTERVIEW: Balance & Composure @ Hevy Festival (04/08/2012)

Date: August 4th, 2012
Venue: Hevy Festival, Kent
Interviewer: Jack Bastard

Format: Written


Somewhat standing out from the rest at Hevy, Balance & Composure put on one of the most energetic and passionate performances across the whole weekend, not letting the fact they’re one of the most mellow bands in the line-up deter them. This being the first date of a short UK tour, they certainly set the bar high for the rest of the week. We spoke with them to talk about Hevy, the upcoming tour and more:

DP!: So, this is the first date of your UK tour with Pianos Become The Teeth. How’s it been so far?
Jon: Great. This festival is awesome and it’s always nice going out with your friends. So far, it’s been great.
DP!: How are you finding Hevy? It’s a nice compact festival.
Jon: Yeah, it’s cool. I like it. Not too much going on but just the right amount.

DP!: So, you guys and Pianos Become the Teeth have a similar kind of sound. How do you feel you fit in with the rest of the festival today because there’s some really heavy hardcore?
Jon: We definitely don’t.
DP!: Do you like that though?
Jon: For the most part, we’re usually like that. I mean we like to spice it up every once in a while.
Eric: It’s not our favourite style.
Jon: There’s a lot of metalcore which we kind of grew out of.
Eric: But, you know, it’s a fest. That’s what all fests are like.

DP!: So how do the UK crowds compare to the US?
Jon: It’s great.
DP!: Do you guys get a good reception over here?
Jon: Yeah, people are really kind to us. They’ll sing our songs.

DP!: So how long have you guys been a touring band?
Jon: 2009 is when we started touring.
Eric: So, 3 years.
DP!: Have there been any highlights?
Eric: Going anywhere outside of the US is awesome.
Jon: We went to Europe last winter, that was awesome.
Eric: We went to Australia.

DP!: Have you got anything coming up? New releases or another tour?
Jon: There’s talk of a split, but just talks right now.
Eric: We’ve got a Circa Survive tour coming up, so we’re just getting ready for that.

DP!: Awesome. Is there anything else you’d like to say? Short and sweet, that’s how I roll.
Jon: That’s how we roll too, I love that. Check out this band Daylight.

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Written by Jack Bastard
Interview by Jack Bastard