INTERVIEW: Bad Sign (02/12/2016)

Croydon three piece Bad Sign have started to pick up a lot of attention lately with their singles ‘Closure’ and ‘Intermission’ and if you’re into your underground British rock scene then you might have even had the pleasure of bumping into them on one of their many support slots this year. Nailing the combination of riffs with challenging melodic sections, Bad Sign are sure to rack up some new followers on their upcoming tours with Hacktivist and Black Peaks. We spoke to the band about their new output, touring in Europe and the state of British rock music.

DP!: Hey guys! Your brand new single ‘Closure’ premiered on The Rock Show on Radio 1, how did it feel to hear yourself on mainstream radio?
Bad Sign: It’s always a great feeling to hear yourself on Radio 1! We’ve had so much support from them this year with the singles we’ve released which is great as it allows us to reach a massive audience and hopefully keep building up the amount of people who follow and support us.

DP!: ‘Closure’ has certainly evolved from your previous output, where are Bad Sign heading musically? Will we be hearing more of the challenging melodies between the trademark riffs?
Bad Sign: Yeah, the other singles that we released this year ‘Rebuild’ & ‘Unbeliever’ were kind of the bookends to the previous chapter of the band if you will so ‘Closure’ is very much the start of the next one for us as a band and by nature we are always looking to improve ourselves as songwriters and musicians so naturally we will progress and change but we will still retain the things that make our sound identifiable.

DP!: How has the sound of Bad Sign developed since ‘Destroy’ was released 2 years ago? With so many bands around nowadays, how important is it to maintain a fresh and exciting sound?
Bad Sign: Our sound will always be ours as to my mind although we obviously have elements of our influences shining brightly in our music there isn’t anyone out that sounds like us, we’re our own band trying to forge our own path, we have so many varied influences from all different genres of music that our sound will always develop and grow. We will never stop wanting to progress and push ourselves. That mindset has been with us since day 1, we set out to be a band that set itself apart from the “scene” I see people posting about looking for band mates and saying how they want to be the next this or that and it makes me a bit sad. Just get in a room with your mates and see what happens don’t ever try to be another band, obviously take influence and use that as an element of your sound but blend you influences and make it exciting!

DP!: What can we expect from Bad Sign in 2017? Will there be a record?
Bad Sign: 2017 will see the release of our new album and us touring relentlessly everywhere that we can to reach as many people as possible.

DP!: You’ve just been out in mainland Europe for the first time, supporting Hacktivist in Germany – how were the shows? How do they compare to the UK?
Bad Sign: The shows were great! They are a little more watch the show and take it all in in Germany. Obviously with it being our first time there and opening the shows people were studying us and seeing if they liked it, and they did which is great! The feedback we had after shows was so positive which is amazing for our first time in a new country.

DP!: How do these tours come about? Were you approached by the band themselves?
Bad Sign: Yeah our booking agent receives offers and comes to us with them and when it’s a great tour with two quality bands like Hacktivist & HECK (who we were already good friends with) it is a no brainer, but it’s obviously a lot of hard work from our booking agent and the promoter(s) to make these things happen which we are forever grateful for.

DP!: You’ve just been out in mainland Europe for the first time, supporting Hacktivist in Germany – how were the shows? How do they compare to the UK?
Bad Sign: The British rock landscape is so healthy right now with a plethora of great bands shining through and we’re pleased to be a part of that and to share stages with such talented bands. This UK tour is going to be so good, we’ve become good mates with the Hacktivist boys on this German run and know the ZOAX lads as well, so it’s gonna be great fun, easy people to tour with and amazing bands to watch every night and all three of us will look to deliver a great show for people night after night.

DP!: Do you manage to stay as well dressed as in the ‘Closure’ video and promo shots or is back to old t shirts and not showering for days?
Bad Sign: Ahaha! Well on tour we try and stay well dressed and make sure we’re clean which means showering in service stations and hostels, but that’s part of the job and we love it, we don’t mind roughing it a little.

DP!: After a successful year with a whole bunch of highlights, what would you single as the best moment of 2016 for Bad Sign?
Bad Sign: It’s genuinely hard to do that as we love every aspect of what we do, well aside from venue load in/load out haha, but I’d have to say that getting out to Germany for the first time felt like a real landmark and another step for us to where we want to get to.

Bad Sign are touring the UK this December with Hacktivist and Zoax:

Hacktivist Tour Dec 2016

DECEMBER 10 – LONDON, Camden Underworld
DECEMBER 17 – BRIGHTON, Sticky Mikes

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here) and Twitter (here). Check out their brand new single ‘Intermission’ below:

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)