INTERVIEW: Authority Zero (12/07/2017)

Arizona skate punks Authority Zero have thrown in all kinds of influences into their music for the last couple of decades including Spanish/Portuguese reggae and ska, which all focuses around the fast-paced vocals of their brilliant frontman Jason Devore. The Mesa band are back with their sixth record ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ that maintains their excellent consistency so we caught up with Jason to chat about ska and how the record turned out.

DP!: Hey Jason, thanks for talking to Dead Press – Album number six is here! How does it feel to release ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’?
Jason: It feels amazing beyond words my man. We worked very long and hard on this album to the point of writing it almost twice. Very happy with the songs, arrangements, intensity, and sonic elements The Blasting Room brought into play to make it come together.

DP!: You’ve got a completely different band than you did for ‘The Tipping Point’ – what did the new guys bring to the record?
Jason: The fellas in the group are extremely talented and seasoned musicians and well as writers themselves in other groups or solo. Everyone brought their A game and played their faces off on this record.

DP!: The record has some brilliant ska tracks in the title track and ‘Summer Sickness’, as is standard for Authority Zero, do you think the world is ready for a new wave ska revival?
Jason: I absolutely do in some reform. Great bands such as The Interrupters are out there KILLING it right now with Green Day and I think the energy just get kids excited and makes them want to move.

DP!: Have you ever considered throwing a horn section onto your ska tracks?
Jason: The idea came up but we also love that somewhat grimy and simple Operation Ivy approach. You can always hear it in there when listening back, but to date we’ve chosen not to. Although we have incorporated them on some of the reggae groove jams.

DP!: Are there any plans for a new ‘Rhythm And Booze’ record?
Jason: Yeah we’re talking about possibly releasing one next year, in 2018!

DP!: The first track on the record ‘First One In The Pit’ is somewhat of a call to arms to your fans and has your trademark fast paced vocals whereas ‘La Diabla’ has a more Hispanic feel to it – how important is the variety of songs to Authority Zero?
Jason: The variety is and never has really been a forced thing. We all just love playing all types of music so a huge variety of elements come into play when writing. I think it is important and stoked that it works that was as it keeps things ever changing and keeps us interested as well as the listener.

DP!: What’s your favourite track on the record and why?
Jason: My personal favourite track is ‘One Way Track Kid’ I think. It’s very bare bones and really hits home lyrically

DP!: The album is out on Bird Attack Records, how did this come about?
Jason: We started talking with Garrett (one of the owners of BA) out at Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia a couple years back and the concept started to slowly become a reality leading to more conversations and friendship. We couldn’t be happier. They really have taken this record on and have continually shown their desire to make it as great as possible and into as many hands as possible as well.

DP!: Any UK plans for the future?
Jason: Absolutely! Looks like we may be coming back through at the end of the year or shortly after! Thanks for all the support!

Authority Zero‘s new album ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ is out now via Bird Attack Records and you can order it online via the label’s BandCamp (here) and iTunes (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here) and Instagram (here).

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)

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