INTERVIEW: Audio Poets (23/11/2015)

Pop-punk, 90s rock and electronic synth all blended together creates the delicious sound of LA’s hottest new property Audio Poets. The band thirsty for people to hear their new take on the rap-rock game have spent the year playing shows in the US and writing their debut album, ‘Make A Scene’, that dropped worldwide earlier this month.

The band took time out of their busy schedule to talk to Dead Press! about their influences, the future, and more.

DP!: Your debut album ‘Make A Scene’ is out November 14th this year, how does it feel to release these tracks to the world?
Audio Poets: Amazing. It’s definitely a truly amazing feeling to know that our music is out world wide for literally ANYBODY to hear.

DP!: The album is so varied and you can hear influences of everyone from Panic! At The Disco to Rage Against The Machine, What kind of bands did you guys listen to when you are growing up? Who did you want to be when you were 12 years old?
AP: Definitely bands like Blink-182 are a huge influence to us. Panic! At The Disco is very apparent in the influence in our music. But, I mean, we all listen to such a wide variety of music from pop to metal and hardcore to harsh noise. So definitely the musical spectrum we work with is GIGANTIC.

DP!: If you had to describe your band to someone who had never heard of you, what would you say?
AP: It’s music written by real people for real reasons.

DP!: What was it like working with your producer Geoff Rockwell? Is his previous work something that you took into account before working with him?
AP: Geoff is an amazing person and such a talented musician. He really brought out our full potential. It’s an amazing feeling knowing we had someone who’s worked with bands we grew up listening to produce our entire record.

DP!: ‘Make A Scene’ has a lot of synth heavy tracks on it – If you could add synth to any song by any band ever, what would it be?
AP: That’s a tough one. We’d definitely wanna hear some synth in a John Mayer track. That would be….different.

DP!: What immediate plans do you have for the future? Will it involve coming over to the UK?
AP: We have so much in store for us. For the time being, we’re focusing on getting our live show together, but we will be playing shows early next year. We have a few shows set up in March BUT, we have big plans for a UK tour as well. Super ecstatic about 2016 for AP.

The band’s latest album, ‘Make A Scene’, is available now. You can also follow Audio Poets online via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)