INTERVIEW: Architects @ The Sugarmill, Stoke (24/01/2009)

Date: January 24th, 2009
Venue: The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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Always being underdogs and slightly disregarded on the metal scene they’re placed in, Architects are one of those underrated bands who’ve always deserved a bit more attention than they actually receive. Now with the release of ‘Hollow Crown’ in just a few short days, this could easily be something of the past. DEAD PRESS! caught up with guitarists Tom Searle and Tim Hillier-Brook on the Stoke date during their headlining tour, and were invited on their tour bus to have a few words with them – but not before showing off the tour ‘friendship hat’ between the three bands, and Tom has a quick play on Skate on the XBox 360:


Zach: How’s the tour been going so far?
Tim: Excellent, absolutely bloody excellent! It has literally been amazing.
Tom: Normally when we do headline tours there’s like three or four shows where people go, and it’s kinda busy and good. But this tour every show is amazing! It’s ridiculous, I feel like I’m in someone else’s band. I mean, we’re on one of these. [points around the tour bus]
Tim: Yeah, when people ask me how it’s going I feel like I’m talking about someone else’s band. I’ll be like “Yeah, yeah. We did Academy 3 in Manchester. It was sold out, it was absolutely nuts.” and I’m like “That’s not our band, surely?” [laughs]. It is, so it’s been going really well.

Zach: How was your time in the studio recording ‘Hollow Crown’?
Tom: Pretty grim. Pretty shit. I hate recording.
Zach: Really?
Tom: Yeah. I mean, it’s kinda fun getting the recording afterwards, but –
Tim: It’s stressful.
Tom: It is stressful. You stay in one place for two and half weeks doing the same thing everyday, listening to the same songs every day.
Tim: At the end of it you’re bored of the record.
Tom: Yeah, and I dunno, it’s just – it’s just not the cushiest sort of experience really.
Zach: But I suppose the results at the end is worth it.
Tom: Yeah, but that’s the thing, everyone wants to get like – make a good record out of everyone and then, I think that’s why it’s stressful ’cause everyone’s, you know, stressed that it won’t – it won’t be good.
Tim: Everyone’s putting pressure on themselves to make the best, like do the best performance they can and make the best record, which results in us getting stressed out at each other. And when we’re stuck in the studio for however many weeks all just living together it’s a little bit tense, but –
Tom: Let’s put it this way, I shouldn’t ever turn up to sound tracking vocals ever again [laughs].
Tim: Yeah, ’cause you and him will just fight at some point.

Zach: How would you compare ‘Hollow Crown’ with ‘Ruin’?
Tom & Tim: Better! [laughs]
Tim: There you go. Both of us said it at the same time, it’s better.
Tom: It’s – it’s totally different, isn’t it? It’s like, I think it’s got – it’s got a lot more melodic stuff on there, and it’s got a lot more kind of energy to it I think. I think now I listen to ‘Hollow Crown’ I feel like it’s kinda too slow, I dunno what it is, but – oh, and we knew what we wanted more like with Outhouse recording it and stuff. Like, because we had been there before and we knew where we could improve on what we had done before with ‘Ruin’, so I think everything was just about learning what we wanted, you know.
Tim: We also had a lot more scope like with Sam‘s vocals, ’cause with ‘Ruin’ he had six weeks to write and arrange everything he was going to do, and obviously with ‘Hollow Crown’ he had ages to get everything done. Didn’t mean that he did get everything done by the time we got into the studio [laughs].
Tom: That lazy shit.
Tim: But, erm, but yeah, like he sort of knew his voice a bit better, like he’d had more time to sort of get used to the songs as oppose to just going “Right, you joined our band six weeks ago. Let’s record”, so that was like obviously a lot better. But yeah, we had such a good relationship with John at Outhouse from like doing the 7 inch there, and doing ‘Ruin’ there and stuff that like we knew how the studio worked and that sort of helped us get the best out of it.
Tom: It’s got more gay bits on it, hasn’t it?
Tim: Yeah, yeah, more gay bits. More bits that 14-year-old girls would like.
Tom: [laughs] God, that’s gonna sound good.
Tim: Slagging off our own band [laughs].

Zach: How’ve the crowds been reacting to the new material so far?
Tom: Great.
Tim: Better than I was expecting, better.
Tom: Normally it takes – we’ll release something and it takes fucking like two years before anyone’s like “Oh yeah, I think I know that song” when we play it, and this time –
Tim: It’s not even out, and people are liking it.
Tom: Yeah, people are singing along to it, ’cause they’ve all downloaded it, little 14-year-old girls [laughs].
Tim: Yeah, like the end of ‘Follow The Water’ –
Tom: We haven’t cracked the 14-year-old girl market yet, ’cause they don’t like us yet.
Tim: You wait ’til the next record.
Zach: You’ll get there.
Tom: Yeah, I’ll keep going man.
Tim: Well, in terms of like the shows, like with one bit I was hoping that would really catch on ’cause it’s like one of my favourite parts of the record is the end of ‘Follow The Water’, and that has been mental every night. Like, so the crowd reactions like you’ve said have been a lot better than I was – well, not a lot better than I was expecting, but I didn’t expect that many people to have latched onto it already.
Zach: It’s always a good sign.
Tom: It’s fucking good I’d say.

Zach: How was your time on the Never Say Die! tour last year?
Tom: Great.
Tim: Excellent.
Tom: I fucking loved that tour. It’s one of the best tours we’ve ever done, I’d say. Everyone on that tour was really awesome. Like, we made really good friends with like a lot of bands on there, which is always awesome, and we – it didn’t really happen in America. Basically, we went on tour and didn’t really make any friends, which sucks.
Tim: Yeah. Whereas like Never Say Die! we left that tour being super good friends with a lot of people.
Tom: And the shows were all fucking massive.
Tim: Yeah, the shows were amazing. The London one on the Never Say Die! tour was like one of the best shows we’ve ever played – if not the best show we’ve ever played. Like, I had like goosebumps the whole set, and like I was just like “I can’t believe that our band is doing this”. It’s mental.
Tom: Yeah, we played Halo everyday with Parkway Drive, and they kicked our ass everyday.
Tim: They’re a lot better at Halo than us, but you know, we bonded over it.
Zach: Did you get a friendship hat over that?
Tim: Er, not a friendship hat, no. Sam got a friendship t-shirt in his suitcase, so. Sam doesn’t play Halo, and Parkway Drive are very into Halo, so we would all play Halo apart from Sam and at the end of the tour Geoff from Parkway Drive wanked in a t-shirt and left it in Sam‘s bag ’cause he didn’t play Halo. So he got a friendship t-shirt, not a friendship hat.
Zach: What a way to make friends.
Tom: It’s a bit too close.
Tim: Yeah, a bit too intimate somewhat [laughs].

Zach: If you could play alongside any other band, who would it be and why?
Tim: Tricky one.
Tom: I always get asked this, and I always think it’s kind of weird because we’ve got to know someone like Thrice, or someone like that.
Tim: I know the answer, I know the answer. No, Biffy Clyro.
Tom: You know, I did an interview yesterday, I put Thrice or Biffy Clyro.
Tim: Well there you go, Thrice or Biffy Clyro.
Tom: I’d love to play with Biffy Clyro, but then – but wait, they’re both kind of inappropriate. You know, like the beards, and the –
Tim: Yeah, they are inappropriate, but word on the street both those bands like our band, so maybe they’ll ignore the fact that it would be unbearably inappropriate and take us on tour anyway.
Tom: Yeah.
Tim: We can only hope. But yeah, I would love to tour with Biffy Clyro. That’d be like one of my favourite things.
Tom: Because with metal bands, nowadays it’s got to the point where we’ve played with so many of the metal bands that like, you know like I used to listen to as a kid like er, like Unearth, and – we haven’t played with Dillinger yet though have we?
Tim: No, we haven’t.
Tom: But you know, like The Red Chord. Bring it back to Beecher and Johnny Truant, you know.
Tim: Yeah, when we got – our first ever tour was with Beecher, and when we got that I was like “Oh my god! We’re now on tour with Beecher!” I was like “This is the best show ever”.
Tom: Now we get announced on tours with fucking… I can’t really name names, you know, any old odd job. But, they’re probably ten times bigger than Beecher ever were, but we don’t really care really [laughs]. But, it’s only – I would say, I’d love to play with Biffy Clyro.
Zach: Wouldn’t it be more inappropriate if you like played with the likes of Take That, or something like that?
Tom: [laughs]
Tim: That’d be much more inappropriate than Biffy Clyro, but Biffy Clyro is still inappropriate.
Tom: It’d be great, ’cause the thing is about Biffy Clyro is they’re a band that – they’re a big band because they write good songs. And I kind of like, I want to –
Tim: They’ve got a lot of respect.
Tom: I want to be, you know, do the same thing. It’s a different genre maybe, but I want to have the same kind of – you know, I don’t want to be a big band ’cause of any other bullshit. I want to be a band ’cause –
Tim: It’s not ’cause they’ve got like an image, it’s not ’cause they’ve got a big manager, or anything like that. Like, they’re big ’cause their songs are good. And yeah, like you can tell that they’re proud of it.
Tom: And they tour like shit.
Tim: They tour hard, they write good songs, and like we sort of feel the same about our band.
Tom: I’m trying to – what I’m trying to say is… you won’t be able to do it without a map [laughs].
Tim: But just like – maybe draw a picture of it, just to help them out, with the link.
[Tom draws a quick picture about the previous conversation]
Zach: Fair enough.

Zach: Finally, are there anymore plans you can share with us for 2009?
Tom: Pipeline. Pipedreams.
Tim: There’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline.
Tom: We’re going to go to America and Canada again, probably – am I even allowed to say when? I don’t – I don’t care. We’re going to go to America and Canada after the tour, and come back to Europe. I can’t say who with, but –
Tim: I’m really stoked about Canada.
Tom: Let’s put it this way, we’re gonna be pretty good friends with some bands.
Tim: Yeah, there’s gonna be a certain band that we’re going to be touring with a lot this year.
Tom: Yeah.
Tim: Who might be on this bus?
Tom: Huh? No, no. I don’t know what we’re allowed to say. Do we get in trouble about this sort of stuff? I don’t really know.
Tim: I don’t know.
Tom: I don’t care.
Tim: I don’t care. Well –
Tom: I’m not gonna name the bands still.
Tim: But yeah. We’re going to America again, we’re going to Canada, and maybe going to America again after that.
Tom: Hopefully we’ll do Download, because if they don’t ask us to do Download they would be morons.
Tim: They’d be insane. I mean we’re like – come on, we’ve got to do Download. It’d be mental if they didn’t. We didn’t last year, we did the year before. That was great. Last year we went to Download, people were like “Awwh, why aren’t you playing?”, didn’t want to [laughs]. Then this year, yeah I want to play Download.
Tom: It’d be fucking great if we did though this time. So, let’s hope that they ask us. I’d like to do Reading and Leeds, ’cause they always ignore us every year. Maybe they’ll buck their ideas up and stop putting a bunch of faggot shit on there, and maybe – [laughs] homophobia included. Homophobia is gratis in this interview [laughs]. I just – I hope we get to go to Australia or Japan, or some shit like that. But I mean that’s – that’s, you know.
Tim: That’s dream stuff.
Tom: Yeah, that’s kind of like “Oh, I hope” rather than “Oh, we are”. Whereas I know we’ll go to Canada, America, and Europe. All that shit.
Tim: Yep. So yeah, we’ve got a lot of – a lot of touring lined-up for this year.
Tom: Oh, and we’re going to finish writing our next record.
Tim: In about a week.
Tom: In about a fucking week.
Tim: Yeah, yeah, we’ve got a fair amount of new material for the album after ‘Hollow Crown’ already, so that’ll be – that’ll be finished pretty soon, and then we’ll have to wait another year before we can even record it.
Tom: Yeah, yeah.
Tim: Yeah, like a lot of stuff. A lot of touring, finish writing, more touring –
Tom: Buy Skate 2.
Tim: Buy Skate 2.
Tom: I’m going to start playing Fallout 3 aswell, erm –
Tim: It looks alright, I saw it on PS3.
Tom: That’s about it. Hopefully I’ll get – hopefully I’ll get and beat 20,000 on ‘Mega Ramp’ on Skate. Going to try and do that in a minute actually.

Once the interview was over, Tim and Tom escorted DEAD PRESS! back off the tour bus and had a cigarette outside. We talked about everything and nothing together, before the boys were called away for further preparation for the show. With the amount of attention they’ve been receiving on the tour so far, ‘Hollow Crown’ could well be the album that breaks Architects on the scene in a position they rightfully deserve once and for all.

Written by Zach Redrup