INTERVIEW: Allusondrugs (26/04/2015)

Since forming back in 2012, Yorkshire based up-and-comers Allusondrugs have really been making waves in the UK rock scene, managing to bag several major festival spots, along with support slots with the likes of their peers Marmozets and Lonely The Brave. With only one self-titled EP under their belts, it’s certainly an impressive feat.

Whilst at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival in Nottingham, we caught up with vocalist Jason Moules and guitarists Drey Pavlovic and Damo Hughes to talk about what the band have been up to so far, progress on an upcoming debut full-length and more.

DP!: You played at the Bristol date Hit The Deck festival yesterday. How was it?
Drey: It was alright, it wasn’t as good as today. Both were really good, but this was the highlight. I can’t really explain, just better vibes really.

DP!: You’ve mentioned that some of the tracks on your self-titled EP are as old as 8 years old. How come they haven’t seen the light of day until very recently?
Drey: They have seen the light of day, but in loads of bands that we were in before that never got this far, I guess. We still put those songs out. There’s like older recordings of a lot of our stuff that we play now, we’ve got it at home. It was online a bit ago, but we had to take it all down. Yeah, pretty much some of the stuff that we are playing have been carried over from previous bands. Those songs, even after listening to them for 7 or 8 years, still sound really good, so that’s like a good judge of quality.

DP!: Is songwriting a never-ending process for you guys then?
Jason: Yeah, I guess it’s just when we’re feeling inspired, really.
Damo: I write pretty much everyday.

DP!: Is that the best way to do things, to constantly write new material?
Damo: I don’t know. It’s not a conscious thing, sometimes I forget to brush my teeth because of it.
Jason: I don’t write songs that often. I haven’t written a song in about a year. Not because I don’t want to, I just don’t get inspired to write a song everyday.
Damo: When I write a song, if I don’t have it done in like half an hour then I’ll lose that thing I had there in the first place.
Jason: I always end up writing 10 seconds of a song though and loving it that much that I won’t let it go. I had this bass line for Ted for ages and I just thought, if I just use this bass line and change it every time, that could be a song.

DP!: You also expressed that now wouldn’t be the best time to record a debut album?
Jason: We just don’t have the time. We’d do it now if I had a studio in my house, but I haven’t. As a band, we’re just going to wait. It doesn’t feel like we need to do an album.
Drey: We’ll do an album when we’re ready to do an album.

DP!: Do you feel there’s quite a bit of pressure to get an album out there?
Drey: Yeah, there’s always pressure because people want your music. They don’t necessarily understand that you don’t have music to give them that you are comfortable with. It’s a good pressure though, because at least people are expecting something and, eventually, we will get something out.
Damo: There will still be stuff along the way, though.
Drey: We do have a lot of material, though. Damo could put out a solo album permanently. He could be doing that for 20 years with the amount of material he has now.

DP!: Did you ever anticipate that you would get this far after forming 2-3 years ago?
Drey: Well, yes and no. We always felt pulled to something. We didn’t know what it was going to be, so we just carried on doing it.
Jason: You never know when it’s going to be, because you’ll hit a patch when nothing’s happened but then, within a week, you’ll be going on these most amazing tours or someone will book you for a festival and you’ll feel like “oh right, last week I thought it had slowed down for a bit”. We just want to play to as many people as possible.

DP!: How was Leeds festival and supporting Marmozets?
Jason: Leeds Festival was weird because we were playing at like 12:30pm and second onstage, and we had the busiest crowd that stage had all weekend. It’s just odd that 700ish people would like come to watch us at 12:30pm on the Friday, hungover.

DP!: I noticed on your cover photo on Facebook you are down to your last date. Are there any more chances we can expect to see you guys over the next few months?
Drey: Yeah. Well, we get to go home for a few days and then we’ve got three shows with Pulled Apart By Horses, Pinky Swear Festival, and one at Sound control in Manchester. Then a couple of days off and we’re off on like a mini tour. I’m calling it the triangle pyramid tour, so that’s like a down south thing like Kingston, Birmingham, London and Great Escape Festival. It’s actually centered around Great Escape; the idea was to sandwich the festival around gigs local to it, so it’s like five days down south. We’re trying to incorporate some kind of recording in that period as well.

DP!: How do you find playing festival shows to your own shows?
Jason: It’s fun and that, but I much prefer headlining. I mean, it’s probably something I shouldn’t say, but it’s fun. As it is, I’m having a good time and I love those stages but, personally, headlining a show is what it’s all about. The thing for being in a band for me, is people knowing who you are. That’s the fun thing about it. For instance, in our town where we’re from, if we put a gig on, we’ll get like 200 hundred people in. So, a few years ago before this band started, I didn’t know those 200 people then. I walk anywhere in town now and bump into people I know and I’m not like looking at my shoes so that’s great, what I want. Being in a band where people know who you are and being there for your music, whereas a festival like this, people might not necessarily like it. They might think it’s shit and that’s their right to think that.

DP!: Who are you excited to catch at Hit The Deck today?
Drey: Probably Monuments, Skindred if we stay, and Cancer Bats.
Jason: We got to see a bit of Oathbreaker. They’re amazing. We got to watch a bit of them yesterday as well.

The band’s new self-titled EP is available now through Clue Records. You can follow Allusondrugs online on Facebook and Twitter.

Interview by Kieran Harris