INTERVIEW: All Them Witches (10/06/2018)

Credit: Promo

Nashville’s All Them Witches may still be fairly underground over on this side of the pond, but they’re making waves over in their home country. Their experimental psych-blues rock has seen them tour with the likes of Mastodon and play festivals all across America, as well as taking their live show around the world.

One of these stops is at this year’s Download Festival here in the UK where we caught up with drummer Robby Staebler and guitarist Ben McLeod backstage to talk live shows, Meshuggah, and the new album that’s on the way.

Credit: Phil Clarkin

DP!: How’s the tour been going?
B: It’s good. This is actually our second leg of tour. We just got off the road with Primus and Mastodon, left the tour in Brooklyn, and immediately flew to Europe, and we’re just doing a bunch of festivals and some club shows.

DP!: So, ‘Sleeping Through The War’ came out last year. How’s the reaction been?
R: I guess it’s been okay! Haha. I mean, the shows have been good, we’re getting better. We have a new album that’s done now, so we’re more excited about that.

DP!: Oh, you do?!
B: Yeah, we started writing in January. We just wrote a bunch and practiced a lot. Self-produced, self-recorded, and it’s self-titled!
R: It comes out in the fall. No date yet, though.
B: It should be around the end of September.

DP!: Have you started playing any of the new songs live yet?
B: Yes!
R: We’ll be playing a new song tonight.
B: We’ve only played it once or twice on the tour so far.

DP!: Do you have a favourite song to play live?
R: It bounces back and forth. I personally like playing ‘Blood And Sand’.
B: That one’s probably my favourite too. That and ‘Mountain’.
R: And ‘Dirt Preachers’!
B: Yeah, that too. And then I really like ‘Am I Going Up?’ because it’s fun to play on guitar. I’m biased!

DP!: So you’ve got Jonathan Draper on keys now. Is that a permanent thing?
B: Yeah.
R: Allan’s gone. He lives very far away and he wanted to stay at his house and do his own thing, which is fine, because this is a great fit.

DP!: Who are you looking forward to catching at Download today?
B: Meshuggah.
R: Meshuggah.
B: Honestly, they need to be on the main stage, because it’s gonna be so packed. And then a band that I just found out about today through a really good friend, Zeal & Ardor. Really looking forward to that. Literally I’ve known about them for ten minutes.

DP!: Other than the album, is there anything else in the pipeline for you lot this year?
R: We have a tour in the fall. We’re doing a US tour in November, doing some US festivals in October, and we’re waiting for a confirmation for a really cool tour in the winter time. We don’t know if it’s gonna happen, but if it does it’s gonna be badass. That’s all I’ll say.

The band’s latest EP, ‘Lost And Found’, is out now through New West Records.

You can purchase it online from BandCamp (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up to date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).