INTERVIEW: Alex Green (21/06/2016)

You might recognise Alex Green from his days touring the country with Attention Thieves, but a brand new adventure sees the Reading singer broadening his horizons as a solo performer. We managed to catch with Alex to find out all about his new material and how he’s finding the transition from rock frontman to acoustic folk soloist.

DP!: Hi Alex! You’ve spent time touring with your old bands The Arusha Accord and Attention Thieves but now you’re out on your own with a brand new solo project – was this always the plan?
Alex: I previously contemplated the idea before joining/starting my previous bands but I’m glad I didn’t, not only because I wouldn’t have got to experience what I experienced but I was not ready to go solo. I had not developed to where I needed to be musically – playing for so many years in the bands and learning off others helped me to do so.

DP!: What can we expect from your new material? Will it be similar to your previous music or a completely new slate?
Alex: Completely new slate, with the new stuff I have taken influence from such genres as folk, blues and country, it is completely alien to anything I have previously written or performed.

DP!: You’ve already racked up 40,000 views on your latest single ‘Travelled Far’ – what’s the reaction been like?
Alex: Yeah I was totally blown away with it being my first release and only having 300 odd Facebook likes on my page at the time. The response has been great and hopefully people will be keen to hear what I’m releasing next – they should be as Travelled far is by far my weakest track.

DP!: Have you noticed your old fans coming back for the solo material or a new fanbase completely?
Alex: Erm a few of the previous fans have continued to support me, I think people are pretty open minded these days when it comes to music and tend to like a variety of genres/artists. I would say on the whole though there has been a new audience showing interest.

DP!: Your debut headline show next month is at Servant Jazz Quarters. How is the transition from playing rock clubs to jazz bars and churches?
Alex: Really cool actually, it’s awesome to be able to play some weird and wonderful venues that I wouldn’t have previously got to play, I can be versatile with my venue choices.

DP!: Do you ever get the urge to start headbanging and smash your acoustic guitar up to get some of the old rock aggression out?
Alex: Yeah I still can and I still do, there’s definitely still some aggression in my music and grit in my voice. I think playing in the bands I have played in over the years has given me a unique style, especially live. I didn’t want to – and think it would be foolish to – throw away that rock vibe I have worked hard on developing after all of these years.

Take a look at the poster below to get all the details about Alex’s first ever headline show this July.

JULY 26 – LONDON, Servant Jazz Quarters

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Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)