INTERVIEW: A Poetic Yesterday (16/12/2011)

After an almost two year absence following the release and promotion of their debut album, ‘A Little South Of Zero’, Redditch quarter A Poetic Yesterday have seemingly jumped back onto the map out of nowhere with their reworked release of ‘The Movie’, aptly retitled ‘The Movie: Director’s Cut’. With a slight change in sound and style, and also with a new full-length on the way titled ‘Revolutions’, a had a few things we wanted answering, and drummer Davio Yarnell was happy to talk with us:

Oliver: So, before we get started, I just have one question: where did you go for two years?
Davio: What a great question! Well, we lost our guitarist to the world and so we had to figure out what the heck we were gonna do. It took us to the brink of a shitty show, thinking that it’s over, to playing the last show we had booked in front of no-one that really made us think “We can really do this”. So, naturally, a lot of writing and playing later and APY is what it is today. Stronger and ready for the future!

Oliver: Well, now that you have returned, what can we expect from you in the near future in terms of touring?
Davio: We love playing, we would play every day if it was possible and hopefully now that our album is coming out and we are making some noise again, we will have the opportunity to get out on the road every day and tour with bands that we love. 2012 is gonna be a busy year.

Oliver: Of course your new album drops in the New Year, are you excited for that? What can fans expect from that release?
Davio: I am so excited, no one has really heard our new sound. ‘The Movie’ was just a nice little gap in between the album. This new album is us; no gimmicks, nothing but great rock music written with passion and with the four best friends that anyone could have… oh yes.

Oliver: So, how did you come to the decision to re-record and re-release ‘The Movie’?
Davio: Like I said, it was kind of a bridge between what happened with ‘A Little South Of Zero’ and ‘Revolutions’. It was a good song that we never had the chance to really do anything with, so we re-did it but did it more fitting to what we are like now.

Oliver: I personally think some of the reactions to ‘A Little South Of Zero’ that I saw were a little underwhelming. Did that put you off of making a new album, or did it just spur you on even more?
Davio: Nah man, we love writing music, it’s in us. We’ve been doing it for over 11 years now, well three of us have and we gel so well. Even if everyone hates us, we enjoy what we do and love our music. We write music for us, not for critics, that’s just their point of view, wrong or right, just one person’s point of view. At least when I die I can think I did something creative with my life. It’s also a great outlet to write.

Oliver: As a band your career has been sort of stop start, have you done as much as you would have liked or do you think there are bigger things to come for you?
Davio We wanna do as much as is physically possible, bands that don’t keep going are the ones that don’t make it. Life is full of struggles, it’s just a matter of how you deal with them. Plus, in my eyes, we are writing music and playing it around the country with awesome friends. I have had the best time and I’m going to continue to do it. When I am old and lying in my bed, I can think “Damn, what great things I have done”. But, until then, let’s push for bigger and better things and take this show out on the road.

Oliver: The UK music scene is probably as strong as it ever has been right now, as a fairly underground band do you think this benefits you in terms of there being more opportunities for you, or do you think it just makes it even harder for bands like yourselves to get recognised?
Davio: I don’t agree, sorry. I think if you’re a big band then the music scene is good, but for up-and-coming bands, people just ain’t interested in live music and a fair few promoters are in it for the wrong reasons: ticket sales and making loads of money for themselves. It’s less about the music and the artist and more about money. When we first started playing, people used to come see live music regardless of who was playing because they loved music. Now it’s about who’s cool, not who’s making cool music. If you don’t fit the look then it doesn’t matter what you’re playing; a world of copy cats, because I think people are afraid to be original, but the original bands are the ones that make it. So, if that answers the question I kinda went off on one. If people like us that’s awesome, if they don’t then that’s cool, but they’re missing out ’cause we always rock out and have a party.

Q: Listening to your music, there are obvious Funeral For A Friend, Alexisonfire and Hawthorne Heights influences in there, but who would you say has inspired you the most musically?
Davio: As the drummer, I freaking love hip-hop, underground dirty-ass political shit with kicking drums!! I grew up on Nirvana when I was 14 also, so I love big dirty beats and stuff that has really got something to say. I try not to get really into drummers, I don’t want them to rub off on me. I just wanna hear the guitar riff the guys have wrote and write what comes into my head. Nevertheless, I am influenced by so many bands. It’s hard not to be.

Oliver: Why should people who have never heard of your band check you out?
Davio: You want something that’s not trying to be like everything else? Something that has killer hooks and will rock the fuck out of your brain? Something that makes you wanna party and get sick from jumping around and has something to say besides relationships and girls? Although, that is in there too. Check us out, especially live, what’s the worst that can happen?

Oliver: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us, is there anything that you’d like to say to our readers before you go?
Davio: Thank you for interviewing us! We hope you do it again soon?

I like tattoos. I like to dance crazy. I love hats. Sometimes my brain is hard to shut off, so I think about some of these subjects. What are your thoughts? Why is there fluoride in water? Why do vaccinations contain mercury? Who is William “Bill” Cooper? What is tower 7 and why did it fall? Why are most of the news companies owned by one man? Why are you staring at the TV and not writing music and living life? Pick up a guitar, smash the crap out of your drums. Learn to snowboard. Do something new. Dance like no one is watching. Follow your dreams, not others. It’s your life, you only get one chance! True happiness comes from inside. Oh, and can I have a hug? Also, come to a show you beautiful people. You are all so beautiful!

A Poetic Yesterday are set to release their new album ‘Revolutions’ soon. You can follow the band online on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, and you can visit their official website.