INTERVIEW: A Day To Remember (05/11/2010)

With a new A Day To Remember album on the verge of hitting our ears in the next few days, we thought it’d a perfect time to find out exactly what there is to expect from ‘What Seperates From You’, aslong as finding out what else the band have planned following its release. Guitarist Kevin Skaff took a moment of his time to reply to our email and answer our questions:

Zach: So your new album ‘What Separates Me From You’ is hitting stores in a matter of days, what can we expect from you guys this time around?
Kevin: All the same awesome stuff we’ve done, plus some new surprises. Did I mention we’re gonna be touring for the next 2 years?

Zach: Where does the album’s title come from, and did you have any other names in consideration?
Kevin: We had another name in consideration, but it was taken. We were bummed. But when we thought of the title we have now, it definitely hit the spot for subject matter on the album.

Zach: You’ve also decided to stick with New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert as producer, who also worked on your ‘Homesick’ album from last year, why did you choose to work with him again?
Kevin: He’s just an all around good dude with a good ear for music, and he’s just a great outside perspective to give us ideas.

Zach: Can you tell us what tracks we can expect music videos for from the album?
Kevin: We just did a video for ‘All I Want’, but we haven’t talked about a next single or anything. We’re not too worried about it though.

Zach: Your covers of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ and The Fray’s ‘Over My Head (Cable Car)’ are quite popular, how do you personally think they fair against the originals? Are there any others in mind for the future?
Kevin: I wasn’t there for those recordings, but now whenever I hear the original versions I actually think to myself “Wow, I would actually like to hear the other version right now”.

Zach: You’re often noted for your use of breakdowns, are you keeping them going strong or are fans going to be seeing less of them?
Kevin: They’re still going strong. They got a lot meaner on this record too.

Zach: You’re loved over here in the UK, do you guys notice any major differences with the fans you come across here than over there in the US?
Kevin: The only difference really is the accent, but who has the accent exactly can be debated. They’re all amazing!

Zach: Popularity has been soaring album after album for you boys, where do you hope and think this new album is going to take the band this time around?
Kevin: I actually have no idea at all, and I kinda like the surprise!

Zach: It’s been over half a decade now since you guys formed, and you’re touring the world, releasing several albums, live DVDs, and playing many festivals too. Back when all you all first came together, did you ever imagine growing to this level, and when did you first notice yourselves that things were beginning to kick off?
Kevin: We all had no idea that it would be like this. It’s amazing. We just wanted to have fun and play music. We’re genuinely stunned at every show that we play!

Zach: Do you ever miss the days when you were playing small club shows and venues, or are you more comfortable now you’re playing much bigger sized venues?
Kevin: We like having the room to run around and put on a show, but we also like being up close and personal with the crowd and getting all messy. We like it all!

Zach: What can we look forward to from A Day To Remember in 2011?
Kevin: Playing awesome shows for the whole year! Come out and see us sometime!

The band’s forthcoming fourth record ‘What Seperates Me From You’ is set for release on November 16th 2010 via Victory Records.