IN THE STUDIO: Maypine making their ‘Bend/Break’ EP!

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Brighton quintet Maypine have just released their EP ‘Bend/Break’ and, although they previously played material in a more pop-punk vein, they say that the new EP should be considered their debut release, with vocalist Jase commenting, “It is a record that portrays a struggle. Not only does the lyrical content reflect this, but it was a tough record to write. It’s definitely the truest reflection of our band and the music we want to create, with a real melting pot of influences that captures our vastly different musical tastes, to really sound the way we want Maypine to sound. I think we’re all extremely proud of what we managed to create and we’re really excited for people to hear it; we can only hope that it resonates with whomsoever listens to it in the way that it does with us.”

We caught up with the band to find out about the recording process and how ‘Bend/Break’ came to be.

We began writing this record in September 2017, shortly after our tour with Better Than Never. I’d just moved out of my parents house into a new flat and I basically set up a mini-studio in my spare bedroom. Preparation for this record was very different to ‘In The Back Of My Mind’. Where as previously we’d spent a lot of time writing together and piecing the songs together bit by bit, I spent a lot of time working on demos alone. This wasn’t a conscious creative decision… far from it, we were all just very busy with work and we were still touring so collaborative writing sessions took a back seat.

As it got towards the end of 2017, we all sat down together a bit more and finalised parts/lyrics, etc. We also had some pre-production sessions with Alex Costello and Alex Adam of ROAM, which were great. Neil Kennedy was the obvious choice of producer for us. We loved his work on ‘Be Nothing’ (Boston Manor) and ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’ (Creeper), as well as the Milk Teeth EPs and, once it became clear that the new record wasn’t going to be a pop-punk record and was much darker in tone, we knew immediately that we wanted to work with Neil at The Ranch.

We set off for the Ranch on the 2nd of January. I think there was a feeling of trepidation amongst all of us. We were nervous about the new songs as they were different from anything we’d released before, and I personally didn’t feel as prepared heading into the studio as I had with ‘In The Back Of My Mind’. We started tracking for ‘Bend/Break’ on the 3rd of January.

Whilst George Daly (assistant producer) was setting up drums and mics, Neil sat down with us to discuss what sort of sound we were hoping for with our new record. We suggested a bunch of reference tracks to him, most of which can be found on the playlist on our Spotify profile.

Here’s a rough guide of our recording schedule:

Day 0: 2nd January – Arrived at The Ranch
Day 1: 3rd January – Drums tracked for ‘Kodokushi’ and ‘Weather’
Day 2: 4th January – Drums tracked for ‘Give’ and ‘Together Alone’
Day 3: 5th January – Tommy’s birthday / Bass tracked for all songs / Rhythm guitars started
Day 4: 6th January – Rhythm guitars continued / Vocals started
Day 5: 7th January – Vocals continued / Lead guitars started
Day 6: 8th January – Lead guitars continued
Day 7: 9th January – Acoustic guitars added
Day 8: 10th January – Bass re-amped / Further lead guitars added
Day 9: 11th January – Backing vocals & harmonies / Mixing began
Day 10: 12th January – Mixing finished

We spent long days in the studio, sometimes doing ten hour stints. We were incredibly grateful for Pete, “the coffee dude”, who kept us going. In the evenings, we made our way through Empire’s ’25 Worst Movies of All Time’. Such films included The Room, directed by, produced by and starring the legend that is Tommy Wiseau, and ‘Dracula: Dead And Loving It’ starring Leslie Nielsen. James must’ve watched the ‘Dracula movie five times.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night, getting up to turn the TV off and hearing James giggling away to himself in his bunk. Recording at The Ranch was a really great experience, and we’re extremely proud of the result and grateful to Neil, Daly, Kurt, and Elliot for helping us to fulfill our potential.

Maypine‘s latest EP, ‘Bend/Break’, is out now. You can keep up to date with the band online over on Facebook and Twitter.

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