How bands will be voting in the UK General Election 2019!

It seems like politics has been the forefront of the news every day for the past few years in the UK, hasn’t it? On December 12th, the people of the UK will head to the polling stations for what has been dubbed one of the most important General Elections in recent years.

If you’re reading this then you’ve either firmly made a decision on who you’ll be voting for this Thursday, or you’re still sitting on the fence on who is the right party to put your name forward for.

Well, we spoke to a handful of bands to see who they’ll be placing a tick down for at their local polling stations, and for what reason.


“We’re voting for Labour to save the NHS, to help save the climate and to reform welfare. For us the NHS is the number one priority. Boris is clearly only focussed on Brexit, but I’m sure that any decent person would agree that when our NHS is so underfunded and mental health services are not even close to being fit for purpose, there are far more important things to worry about than trade deals.

That and the fact that we have less than 12 years to save our planet from an irreversible climate shift – something Boris either doesn’t believe in or doesn’t care about judging by his private jet flights across the UK. A vote for anyone other than Labour is a vote for the Tories and a vote against the NHS. Vote for policies, not for people. Don’t buy into the Tory smear campaigns – judge for yourself and read the manifestos. Voting for Tories to fix a decade of Tories just doesn’t make sense.” – Mikey Lord, vocalist


“This Thursday my vote is for Labour. Jeremy Corbyn is the first politician that I’ve encountered in my lifespan that speaks my language. I am exhausted and fatigued from being fed lies and being let down by self-serving career politicians. I am angry at our NHS being threatened. I am angry at how the campaign leading up to Brexit was handled and has led to one of the greatest injustices of a generation. I am angry at how I’ve seen homelessness skyrocket in London within the past few years. I am angry that the person currently representing our country is a homophobe (“bum boys”), a xenophobe (“letterbox”) and a liar (“£350 million a week to the NHS”). I’m voting for Jeremy Corbyn because in him I see realistic hope, in him I see an alternative and in him, I see the path to being proud of my country for the first time in my adult life.” – Daniel Cross, vocalist/guitarist


“For those who listen to our music, there should be no surprise that my vote is with Labour in this election. I’ve long argued the necessity for compassion and nuance in public discourse, and one of the things that I’ve found hardest to watch is how those who are supposed to be responsible in government have played to the basest elements of social media. When your message is one of hatred and intolerance, it is hardly surprising that the society you lead will be affected, and there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Johnson and the Tory party are directly accountable for the rise of racism and xenophobia that seems rife in media and public alike. Their stance on animal rights, on hunting, on homelessness, on the environment, the NHS and employment, shows the Tory Party to be singularly lacking in compassion and empathy. They epitomise the worst of the “I’m all right, Jack” mentality when, as a society, we should be fighting for the weakest and the most in need of support. I very much hope that the election will usher in a kinder, more compassionate form of politics because I am horrified at what we have become in recent years.” – Phil Stiles, vocalist/guitarist


“No musician in their right mind would vote Conservative after the damage their policies have done to venues and arts funding. No musician in their right mind would want Brexit after the damage it has already done to our economy and risks it poses for smaller touring bands with Carnets, Visas, an even weaker pound and other hidden costs and taxes we don’t know about… it doesn’t bear thinking about. There is no choice but Labour if you care about bands, music, healthcare, social injustice, racism, truth, honesty, and equality.” – Owen Pegg, guitarist


“Monster Raving Looney Party – Based on this policy alone “We will Send Noel Edmonds to negotiate Brexit because he understands Deal or No Deal” We feel like they really speak for us as a band and represent our views on Noel Edmunds clearly.

Or Labour.” – Dave Jackson, guitarist


“I’m guessing if you’re reading this, you don’t need me to list the reasons why I won’t be voting for the Conservative party and don’t think you should either. The bigger question is where do you as a probably progressive-minded person place your vote. I should say upfront that I don’t believe any of the parties are perfect, or that they haven’t all failed repeatedly to represent the marginalised groups they claim to. However, in my view, the only party with a proper plan to take on the great challenges we face- the breakdown of our climate and nature, the ever-increasing divide between those who have and those who don’t in a world that’s rapidly changing- is Labour. We’ve got less than 12 years to keep our planet under 1.5 degrees celsius of warming, and getting there is going to require a wholesale transformation of our economy- our homes, our work, our food. Labour’s vision is the only one that truly imagines a brighter future for us all- a genuinely green, fair and pleasant land where power is taken out of the hands of a small number of billionaires and put back in the hands of the people that actually keep the lights on and the wheels turning. Yes, if you live in a Lib Dem-Tory marginal, by all means vote tactically- the Lib Dems actually have a surprisingly ambitious plan on restoring our climate and nature. But we have to be able to dream bigger. Vote for a Labour government and if they get in, hold them fiercely accountable to represent you.” – Sam Chetan-Welsh, guitarist


“I feel like every election/national poll that goes by people keep telling us it’s the most important one yet. It’s certainly the first time I’ve felt the need to head out into the chilly December air and actually knock on people’s doors. I’m not sure how anyone can look across the current cabinet with their personal ideologies and sees them as the people to craft a country we would all want to live in. I’m voting Labour for a better future for everyone!” – Andy Packwood, guitarist

Make sure you go out and vote tomorrow. You can find where your local polling station is located here.

Are you in a band and want to voice your opinion and UK General Election voting choices with our readers?

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