HIT THE DECK 2012 PREVIEW: Silent Screams

Sticking out as one of the heaviest bands to grace the bill at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival, Silent Screams‘ 30 minute long set in the Stealth room is going to be one of the busiest spots for everyone going who are looking to get stuck in the pit. We spoke with the guys to talk about what they’re going to be bringing to the festival and why you should see them, their debut studio album ‘When It Rains’ and more:

DP!: How are you guys looking forward to playing at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival?
SS: We’re really excited. It’s an honour to be playing such a great festival with so many amazing bands.

DP!: There’s a lot of different bands on the line-up this year, is there anyone that you’re particularly excited to see or plan on catching?
SS: We definitely want to watch Lower Than Atlantis, Heights, Of Mice & Men and Bury Tomorrow.

DP!: You released your debut album ‘When It Rains’ last year, how’ve you guys been finding the reaction to it from fans and critics too?
SS: It’s been an amazing reaction for us. We had no expectations on its release, and since it’s come out we’ve had really powerful feedback from fans. We’ve even had a couple people saying that they wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the album, and something like that you can’t even begin to describe. Rock Sound wrote that the album sounds somewhere between Architects and Unearth, and to be compared to such incredible bands by a great magazine like that really means a lot.

DP!: You guys are one of heavier bands on the bill, are you up to the challenge of inciting the biggest pits to be seen at this year’s Hit The Deck?
SS: It might take a few people by surprise who haven’t heard us before. We’re definitely going to go mad onstage, and we’ll see how everyone else reacts. Let’s just say people have been known to get pretty crazy…

DP!: With so many different bands on the line-up, why should people come and check you guys out?
SS: As you’ve said, we’re one of the heavier bands so we’re offering something a bit different. We give it 110% in our live show and it’s definitely going to be a a performance to remember.

DP!: Will you guys be letting yourself loose at the after party?
SS: Haha, we aren’t really the party type; we love a good cup of tea and to just chill out. This usually takes bands that we tour with by suprise, but we’ll definitely be about though hanging out.

DP!: Finally, is there anything else that you’d like to add and share with our readers?
SS: We hope you all enjoy Hit The Deck and make sure you come down and catch us on the Stealth stage at 4:15PM. If you enjoy our performance, we’re touring the UK in May before we head out to Australia. Check our Facebook page (here) for tour dates.

SET TIME: 16:15 – 16:45 (Stealth – Valencourt Apparel stage)
RIYL: While She Sleeps / Parkway Drive / Unearth
LISTEN TO: Pacific Highway / ‘Til There’s Nothing Left (below) / Burning Bridges