HIT THE DECK 2012 PREVIEW: Mallory Knox

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Pilot’ last year, alt rockers Mallory Knox have been a band people have been keeping their eyes on, and following the success of a collection of tour support slots, anticipation for their full-length is undeniably high. We spoke with bassist Sam Douglas about the aforementioned and more in the run up to their slot at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival:

DP!: How are you guys looking forward to playing at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival?
Sam: Very much so. The line-up is incredible, there’s so many bands we’re looking forward to watching. You really have to appreciate how diverse the line-up is as well, the amount of different kind of bands playing, it really has something for everyone.

DP!: There’s alot of different bands on the line up this year, is there anyone you’re paticularly looking forward to catching?
Sam: There are so many. We’ll all be going off in our own directions to catch who we want to see. Me, however, I’ll be looking forward to watching Cancer Bats. I’ve never seen them live and I’ve been meaning to for a while now, so this has worked out rather nicely for me.

DP!: You released your EP ‘Pilot’ last year, how have you found the reaction from the fans and critics alike?
Sam: Very well actually. The fact that we had enough support from people to make it get as high as it did in the iTunes rock chart was kind of mind blowing for us. Also, the reviews we received from the press and such were very nice too. All ’round, we couldn’t have asked for much more from a 5-track EP. It’s also amazing to hear people sing those songs back to us live as well.

DP!: You’ve also announced you’ve began working on your debut full-length, will we be hearing any new tracks in your set at the festival?
Sam: Yes, you will, most probably two. We’ll be playing a song called ‘Hello’ which we’ll be releasing online at sometime in May/June. We’ll most probably decide on the day what the other one will be.

DP!: With so many different bands on the line up, why should people come and check you guys out?
Sam: I think live is the best place you’ll hear us. I’m not saying that I think we aren’t great in the studio, but I feel watching us live just gives our songs that little bit more. We are a pop/rock act, but we’ve toured with a lot of heavier bands than ourselves and have kind of picked up tricks along the way. There’s a lot of energy between us five when we’re up there doing our thing, you’ll have to come and watch us and see if you agree though, won’t you?

DP!: Will you guys be getting loose at the afterparty?
Sam: Oh, yes. With so many friends of ours playing too it would be a bit rude not to, wouldn’t it? I’m sure you’ll catch a couple of us poorly dancing in a corner someone. Unless you see Dave (our drummer), he’ll be looking to be the center of attention most of the night with his “dance moves”.

DP!: Finally is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Sam: Yes, I just currently finished watching all 10 seasons of Smallville and my life now feels rather empty. So come and watch us at HTD and you may just fill that hollow void of mine.

SET TIME: 17:15 – 17:45 (Rock City Basement – Big Deal Clothing stage)
RIYL: Blitz Kids / Don Broco / Lower Than Atlantis
LISTEN TO: Oceans (below) / Promises / Resuscitate