At one point they were supporting the now defunct post-hardcore act Finch, and now following the release of their debut studio album, ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’, pop-rock quintet Young Guns have been on fire, and are now set to headline the Big Deal Clothing stage at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival. We got a hold drummer Ben Joliffe and bassist Simon Mitchell to get the lowdown of what to expect:

Zach: You guys are headlining the Big Deal Clothing stage at Hit The Deck, are you looking forward to it?
Ben: Hit The Deck has one of the best line-ups of the festivals all year. We’re so excited. Nottingham’s one of our favourite places to play, and to be able to headline the Big Deal stage is amazing.
Simon: To be headlining one of the stages is a real honour and a step-up in our festival experiences. So I guess it just means we’re gonna have to up our game and really give fans something to remember from this weekend’s show.

Zach: Your debut album ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’ came out just under a year ago, how’ve you found the reception to that from fans and critics?
Ben: We couldn’t be happier with the reaction of the album. Releasing our debut album was such an exciting/scary time for us. The fans/critics have really made it so special for us. We never expected to be in the position we are now.
Simon: It’s undoubtedly fuelled our confidence in our music and to bring that same energy into our live performance, but as proud as we are with ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’, it’s simply a building block to what we’ve got coming up for the next album.

Zach: Has any work started on a follow-up yet?
Simon: For sure. We’ve been working on ideas for a little while now and we stockpile any ideas we have for chorus’s, verse’s etc. whether we’re together in the studio or it’s out on the road.
Ben: We’re recording it in the summer in Thailand of all places. We’re really hoping it will be a good progression from our debut album.
Simon: Some of the boys have actually gone on a little writing retreat this past week to see if the change in environment will add to the creative process. It’s a fun/exciting/stressful experience all in one and we got a little way to go but we’re confident in what we can achieve with this.

Zach: Are there any bands you’re hoping to catch play at the festival?
Simon: One awesome thing about this festival is that a lot of our friends are playing with us too, so it’s gonna be one massive bro-down/drinking sesh, so it’s gonna be nothing but good vibes this weekend. Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing Kvelertak for the first time, and I heard The Ghost Inside rip it up live too, and the Comeback Kid boys are always a pleasure to watch live. I also want to check out Hyro Da Hero, been listening to his new album recently and it’s killer.
Ben: I honestly think we want to watch every single band at the festival. There are so many good bands and friends playing. We’ve had the pleasure to tour with bands such as The Blackout, Deaf Havana, We Are The Ocean, Save Your Breath, The Swellers and My Passion, and to be playing a festival with all of them is amazing. And we are all massive fans of Cancer Bats, Underoath, Comeback Kid and Devil Sold His Soul. See, I told you we wanted to see every band!

Zach: Why should people going to Hit The Deck come and catch your set?
Simon: Well, if you’ve seen us live before you’ll know we put every bit of energy into our set. Whether it’s stage invasions/stage dives/crowd surfing or whatever it is, people watching us are just involved as we are when it comes to shows, it’s all about having fun and having a good time.
Ben: We’re playing the smaller intimate stage and we love playing these types of rooms. They’re always sweaty and hectic and we like to think we put on an exciting live performance, so we’re hoping it will go off!

Zach: What do you guys have planned after the festival?
Ben: Probably nursing a long heavy hangover, and then we’re going back to writing and hitting some festivals over the summer before recording our second album. Then we’re going to tour and tour.
Simon: We’ll continue to work on the album and stressing ourselves out non-stop. We have some UK/Euro festivals scheduled in before we go to Thailand, so it’ll be a mix of writing and getting our sets prepared for these shows.

SET TIME: 21:00 – 22:00 (9:00pm – 10:00pm) on the Big Deal Clothing stage.
RIYL: Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout, Futures
LISTEN TO: Weight Of The World, Son Of Apathy, Winter Kiss