GETTING INTO: Synthwave, As Chosen By GosT!

Mysterious producer GosT embodies the character of Baalberith for his propulsive synthwave solo project that channels his fascination with the occult, John Carpenter and 80s slasher flicks. The haunting atmospherics and aesthetics influenced by the blackest metal has meant his music has gained him a following within the rock and metal community internationally.

GosT has helped us out by introducing us to some of the best and most important synthwave records to introduce us to the genre and see what all the fuss is about.


This EP dropped in 2007 and personally marked the beginning of what would become modern synthwave. I was heavily into everything Ed Banger Records was releasing at the time so naturally when artists like Sebastian and Mr. Oizo gave Kavinsky a nod I paid attention. Kavinsky gets a lot a flac but his importance to synthwave is undeniable. ‘1986’ is a fun straight forward listen that I still throw on from time to time.


‘Early Summer’ is one of the first “modern” synthwave releases of its kind. Leaning much more into nostalgic synth sounds and arpeggio hooks. Michael Glover is able to produce with VST’s in a way that is a mystery to me. The way he crafts VST synthesis is nearly impossible to discern a difference between his VST work and actual hardware synthesis. Almost every synthwave release in this vein today owes everything to Miami Nights 1984.

DANGER – 09/14/2007

As the EP title clearly states, this also came out in 2007. While I have always put Danger more in the Ed Banger/Electro category he has unwittingly become a permanent fixture and pioneer of synthwave. This EP made me simultaneously extremely happy and unabashedly upset when I discovered it. Danger’s production is second to none and I had just begun to try and make electronic music myself. Naturally I was trying to match what my favourites did early on and that is an idea I am still chasing concerning Danger. Such a punchy in your face release that I listen to all of the time.


Lazerhawk is another master of VST synthesis. Without this album and ‘Miami Nights 1984’, outrun would not exist. Extremely catchy and dark in its own way. Listen to this and try and tell yourself most modern synthwave is not just a direct rip. Lazerhawk is definitely one of the founders of the genre and ‘Redline’ was a sign of everything that followed. Sharp as a knife production and beautiful pads throughout. Killer release, even today!


In my opinion, College is the absolute true pioneer of synthwave. College was the first to really tap into the sound that would later become known as synthwave. ‘Teenage Color’ is a perfect EP to drive to. Not only an important figure to the scene as a producer, he was also involved in ‘Valerie Collective’ which included so many important early releases. Do yourself a favor and look up everything ‘Valerie Collective’ released. Every release oozes with nostalgia and a very synthwave sound. College was absolutely quintessential to synthwave and is a great artist all around. Respect!

GosT‘s new record ‘Valediction’ is out now and you can buy/download it from iTunes here, Google Play here, Amazon Music here and Spotify here.

The band will play the following dates as part of their European tour:

NOVEMBER 2 – LEEDS, Damnation Festival
NOVEMBER 4 – LONDON, Electric Ballroom

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and their Instagram.