GETTING INTO: Sumerian Records, As Chosen By After The Burial

Minnesota djent kings After The Burial are preparing for the release of their sixth full length record ‘Evergreen’ and if the likes of ‘Behold The Crown’ are to set the standard for the album then we are ready for another onslaught of technical metal riffs with gruelling vocals to boot. If you’re lucky enough to be in the US over the next month then you’ll even be able to catch the new material live on the Killswitch Engage/Parkway Drive tour.

We caught up with bassist Adrian Oropeza from the band who introduced us to Sumerian Records by picking his 5 favourite records to be released on the label.


his album right here defined a fucking movement in the progressive metal core genre in the early 2010’s (or “djent” as people would call it. Not a fan of the term. Haha). But yeah dude, this album is a fucking banger! I remember listening to it and just being in awe at David’s bass tone. I’m pretty sure he was rocking a Musicman Bongo at the time and I was like “duuuude. I need one”. Sitting near the front of the mix as well.. Jesus. Seriously though, the musicianship on this album was insane. Specifically the intricate leads on top of the nutty rhythmic patterns that seems to be the driving force on most of the album. Songs like ‘Recreate’, ‘Ascension’, ‘Dissimulation’.. Come on, man! Shit still hits hard!


Let me just start off by saying that I literally remember the exact time and place I was when I first heard ‘Ancient Covenant’. Straight up. It was like a spiritual experience.. Alright maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but I do remember sitting in a Safeway parking lot listening to this for the first time with my buddy with my jaw open. And I feel like that is the perfect representation of how much of a fucking masterpiece this album is! Talk about musicianship.. This is an album I’ll visit regularly to this day and have no problem listening to front to back at least once every couple months. They have such a distinct sound and writing style and this album is definitely their magnum opus. I like a lot of the albums our record label puts out, but I think it’s safe to say this one may be my favourite. And I think most of my friends on the label would agree, so I don’t feel too bad.


I actually had an argument with a couple buddies of mine not too long ago about which Periphery album was the best and I stood my ground HARD on this one. Not sure if it could be labelled as a “concept album” per se, but I absolutely love the fact that there is a melodic theme that they revert to in almost every song that’s introduced in the opening track. It’s got the groove, the technicality, the vocal phrasing is literally fucking PERFECT for such a technical album. But most importantly, what makes it stand out the most, is the fact that it’s still so damn catchy! With all this technical musicianship and multi layered aspects of every track, it always leaves you humming a certain part of the song over and over. Favourite songs off the album are ‘Mile Zero’, ‘Erised’, and ‘Scarlet’.

(Fun Fact: My ex and I named our cat Scarlet and I would always grab her and hold her in the air Lion King style and sing “ScarleeEEETTTTTT” how Spencer does in the last build up of the song. Now you know..)


Look dude. I know you’ve probably never listened to this band or maybe even heard of them, but do yourself a favour and pull up this album on your Spotify or whatever. Make some coffee, pull up a blanket on your couch, and just zone out on a Sunday morning with this album as your soundtrack. I believe this is the only album of theirs that Sumerian put out, but I’m so glad they did. I’m a huge sucker for zone-out music, and this album has it all. The amount of intricate layers and atmospheric soundscapes laced together by the vocalist’s unique timbre and perfect phrasing. It has a bit of a futuristic-type of vibe going along with a Circa Survive type of feel but a little more Rock oriented overall vibe.

I don’t know how to explain it, man. This album fucking rules and now that I’m talking about it, I actually just started blasting it in my headphones and I’m soooo glad I remembered to put this on this list. Gonna be blasting it on repeat on this next tour for sure. Haha.


I still blast this album quite regularly whenever I hit the gym!! Ugh. Such a fucking BANGER of an album! Those who know me well know that I’m a bit of a hardcore kid at heart, and I feel like this album, specifically, is a perfect introduction to the genre for someone who wants a bit of a taste of what the music is all about. It’s got it’s catchy parts, but perfectly balanced with the hardcore aggression that drew me into the scene when I was younger. This band can do no wrong. We toured with them at Warped Tour back in 2017 and I’m not kidding, I watched them literally EVERY TIME I could.

One of my favourite bands and they put on one of the most fun shows. But yeah, anyways, this album fucking rules and I suggest you blast it while you’re getting your pump on! Listen to ‘Empty Heads’ and punch a wall.

After The Burial‘s new album, ‘Evergreen’, is out on April 19th via Sumerian Records and you can pre-order it from various outlets (here).

You can follow the band via their official Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).