GETTING INTO: Spinefarm Records, As Chosen By Toothgrinder

Credit: Promo

New Jersey’s Toothgrinder career is spanning close to a decade with their last album ‘Phantom Armour’ gaining widespread praise and seeing the band tour with the likes of Meshuggah and Code Orange. The hypnotic, haunting, and hard-hitting metal, band’s new record ‘I AM’ continues the trend of being released on heavy record label Spinefarm Records.

We caught up with the band who introduced us to Spinefarm Records by picking their 5 favourite records to be released on the label.


‘I AM’ was an amazing studio experience for all of the members of Toothgrinder. It was a very natural experience working with Matt Squire. Therefore, we cannot be more excited about releasing this record to the world. The record itself has a fair dosage of heavy tracks and melodic tracks. We dove deep into our rock n’ roll roots while also recalling our metal influences. It is going to be a fun one to play for years to come!


This record was an epic one. It’s solid front to back with some all time hits. ‘Cirice’ is an all time favourite track and is in a continuous rotation on our touring vehicles radio. This record really solidified Ghost as one of the most dominant bands hitting the road today. The evolution of their sound really hit home on ‘Meliora’.


He Is Legend has been a huge influence on Toothgrinder for a long time and this record is no different. Schuylar‘s vocals on the title track light up the chorus and the following rhythm never fails to hit hard with a breakdown like riff. Very awesome record from the North Carolina brethren.


This record definitely broke some boundaries for the band and for the music scene itself. The artwork is an immediate draw to make you wonder what this is all about. Then when you turn it on the opening track ‘ANTI-SOCIAL’ it rips in with a sick riff followed by energetic vocals, which really set the tone for the rest of the record.


‘Gravity’ was a blast to get to know. Toothgrinder had the luxury of touring with Bullet for My Valentine during that album cycle. Getting to know those tracks from hearing them night after night was really awesome. The performance of these songs live sounded as huge as they did on record.

Toothgrinder‘s new album, ‘I AM’, is out now through Spinefarm Records.

You can stream/download the album online from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Spotify (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.