GETTING INTO: Marshall Records (Rews)

Credit: Jude Palmer

Fiery alt-rock band Rews have just released their sophomore album, ‘Warriors’, which is about rebuilding, after vocalist Shauna Tohill separated from long time collaborator Collette Williams since the release of 2017’s ‘Pyro’.

Speaking about the new album, Shauna said “I’m so excited for everyone to get their hands-on ‘Warriors’, a serendipitous title right now! People always warn about ‘that difficult second album’. For me, I think this new album contains some of the most honest, painful and uplifting songs that I’ve ever written, and I feel that it is a pure expression of who and what Rews is. Each song on the album is a journey through a tough situation; all different; and I want it to show people that no matter what they are going through, together, through the spirit of music, we can strengthen, we know that we belong and we CAN do this… today, we’re warriors!”

To celebrate the release of the new album, we caught up with the singer who picked out her favourite records that have been released by their label mates on Marshall Records.


I immediately fell in love with Press To Meco the first time I had caught sight of them. It was just before they signed to Marshall Records. I was at a festival in Oslo, London and they came on and absolutely blew my mind (and many others who were at the show)! They are a truly captivating band with awesome intricate melodies and their musicianship is just phenomenal. My favourite track off of this album is ‘If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole’. It still gives me shivers when I hear it.


Obviously, Therapy? are like family being fellow Northern Irish people! I first heard of Therapy? through my stepfather, Mudd Wallace – he recorded and produced their debut single ‘Meat Abstract’ and first mini album ‘Babyteeth’ which reached number 1 in the UK and Irish Charts. They are a highly talented band and really inspired and influenced the music industry in Northern Ireland. They can write a mean riff and I love their punk attitude!!! My favourite track on their greatest hits album has to be ‘Screamager’! (We used to cover it in my old band!)


King Creature are my dear friends and I love them to bits. We spent a lot of time together in the USA when performing at NAMM as part of the Marshall Amps stand and we’ve continued to stay in touch ever since. Obviously, they are a heavy rock band and when you catch them live, (which you should!), prepare to be sucked in by their epic sound and each of the musicians individual and captivating stage presence. I chose their acoustic album because it really strips back their songs ‘To The Bone’ and shows how talented they are as musicians and songwriters. Great album!


Ah, I have so many fond things to say about the members of Thousand Thoughts. They are a bundle of energy! I always have to smile when I think of them. The drums, guitar and bass sound across this single is something to behold. Ethan’s voice is utterly incredible and fills my heart with so much hope when I hear him sing. I LOVE the guest rapper, Daigo Jax. I believe with all the energy and attitude they have, they will help to ensure people know they are not alone in their darkness.


If you need something to kick you in the butt and get you ready for taking on the world – you have to listen to D_Drive and their driving rollercoaster sonic adventure. Usually I’m not a huge fan of instrumental classic rock vibes, but D_Drive have some kick ass riffs that really have changed my mind & inspired me. I met the band at Marshall Live in June 2019. They were the most humble, beautiful and friendly people – and when they jumped up on the stage tey left people dumbfounded by the amount of talent, synergy and uniqueness that the band has. Yuki and Chiiko are the only other women on the label, and they are killing it. My fav riff and track on the album would have to be ‘Screw Driver’.

Rews‘ new album, ‘Warriors’, is out now via Marshall Records.

You can buy or stream the album from the official Rews online store (here), Apple Music (here), Spotify (here) and Amazon Music (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.