GETTING INTO: Japanese Music, as chosen by Man With A Mission

Japanese rockers Man With A Mission experiment with heavy rock, electro-pop riffs and nu-metal for an unpredictable and exciting mould and have a monstrous following in their native country that saw them headline two nights at the 36,000 capacity Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo last year. The wolf mask wearing five piece are just one example of the weird and wonderful variation of music that is a huge success in Japan which is starting to filter into the British underground scene. Man With A Mission have helped us out by introducing us to some of the best and most important bands from Japanese music over the last couple of decades, check out the bands they picked and which of their tracks to check out.


Experimental, aggressive, dramatic and so beautiful. A truly praised Japanese band who broke out worldwide, especially in Europe. I was shocked and so proud at the same time when I found out they were from Japan when I first heard their music. Also one of my favourite bands and the band I respect the most in Japanese band history.

Best tracks:
Scatterin’ Monkey
Back On My Feet
Kick It Out


Nu-metal, electronic metalcore. The mixture of electronic music and heavy metal, hardcore music is so dramatic and aggressive, it could make you mosh, dance, and blow your mind at the same time. They performed at the main stage of Download festival and were the very first asian Band who took part in the Soundwave festival.

Best tracks:
Rx Overdrive
No Flowers On Your Grave


Greatest influencer as a digital hardcore, mixture punk rock band in Japan who literally showed the potential and the future of rock music. They have followers not only in Japan but around the world, and have successfully headlined in England in front of more than 2000 people in each venue. Not only their music, but I damn love the name of the band.

Best tracks:
神歌 (Kami Uta)
Midi Surf
Happy Ride


Japanese hardcore, mixture, metalcore, funk band. The music is so aggressive, powerful, humorous, funny but cool, and sometimes even sarcastic in a good way. The music is hardcore but pop in a way that it immediately hits your mind. I am a big fan of System Of A Down, but to me they are the only band in Japan I can imagine performing with them because they’re such a perfect match.

Best tracks:
恋のメガラバ (Koi No Megaraba)
鬱くしき人々のうた (Utsukushiki Hitobitono Uta)
爪爪爪 (Tsume Tsume Tsume)


Straight and decent pure pop alternative guitar rock. I put them on my list because I just simply love the songs and the lyrics of this band a lot. To me they are also the perfect example for how huge and successful a guitar rock band of my taste can become in Japan. I believe they are one of the few rock bands of the new age that are hugely supported by both band lovers and the masses.

Best tracks:
天体観測 (Tentai Kansoku)
魔法の料理 (Maho No Ryouri)

MAN WITH A MISSION‘s new single ‘Freak It! Feat. TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA’ is out now and you can watch the video below. The band are set to headline Tufnell Park Dome on February 23rd.


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