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Looking for some brand new hardcore that tickles your love of Have Heart and Modern Life Is War? Look no further than German five-piece Giver who are back with their sophomore album ‘Sculpture Of Violence’ that throws back to the good old 00’s melodic hardcore days that incorporated high tempo metal yet incorporates the versatility and individuality that we are used to hearing from Holy Roar Records.

Giver have helped us out by introducing us to some of the best German bands that may have slipped under our radar.


Outstanding and the most important band in the current Deutschpunk genre! Deutsche Laichen from Berlin play fast and pissed-off punk with mainly German lyrics that denounce social injustices like racism, sexism or police brutality. But always in a musical fashion that makes you sing along, shout at the top of your lungs and drink beer, especially when you see them live!


Germany’s most vibrant youthcrew-outfit. Tides Denied have released one of the best hardcore records of 2019 with their first full-length ‘The Steps You Take’, bringing back a strong 80s/early 90s Youth Of Today vibe. Always authentic and fun to watch – whether in a run-down punk space in front of 30 people or supporting Have Heart on a big stage. Fast and gnarly. Hardcore is spelled PUNK!


Definitely one of the best emo/punk bands in Europe right now, Shoreline definitely don´t need to hide behind the big shots of their genre. Thoughtful songwriting fuses with singer Hansol’s amazing voice. The band released their beautifully produced debut album ‘Eat My Soul’ in 2019 and is playing Bristol’s version of the Hamburg-based Booze Cruise Festival this year. Make sure to check them out on stage if you get the chance.


While the five of us all have different tastes in music, Wayste has always been the band that we can all univocally agree on, being one of Germany’s best in hard music. Relying on chaotic song structures and imposing drum patterns, they never seem to cut back on dynamic and catchiness and are an absolute behemoth to watch live. ‘The Flesh and Blood’ is among the most interesting and diverse releases of the last couple of years in hardcore/screamo.


Lingua Nada released their sophomore album ‘Djinn’ in late 2019. Their music is best to be described as a mix of mathcore, post-hardcore, indie-rock and synthpop, with just the right amount of complexity to be interesting and surprising but never too hard to follow. At a Lingua Nada show, someone said to me (in a good way): “It is funny how most of the time you just don’t get what instrument is producing which sound”, and I think that’s a sufficient description.


Chaver is a three-piece hardcore band from Halle/Leipzig (Eastern Germany). With their doomy, raw and brutal hardcore-sound, Chaver are definitely a must-listen for anyone who’s into heavy music. Especially their latest record ‘Transference’, it’s a great example of their craft and even a bigger pleasure to be enjoyed when it is performed live on stage. There is absolutely no doubt that Chaver will keep on delivering awesome and energetic music, so make sure to check them out!

Check out our playlist below, compiled with what Giver think are some of the best tracks from the bands they’ve chosen.

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Giver‘s new album, ‘Sculpture Of Violence’, is out now via Holy Roar Records.

You can stream/download the album online from the band’s BandCamp (here) Amazon Music (here), Apple Music (here), and Spotify (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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