GETTING INTO: Fearless Records, As Chosen By Milestones

California-based Fearless Records has been an international force in the rock scene since it formed over 20 years ago releasing records prolific bands Sugarcult, Bigwig and At The Drive-In. More recently, the label has found success in the ‘Punk Goes…’ series and has become a breeding ground for the new generation of Warped Tour bands.
Step up Milestones, the newest band to hit the Fearless Records roster. The Manchester five piece cite their influences as All Time Low and You Me At Six and have just released their debut EP ‘Equal Measures’, so to celebrate we got the band to individually pick their favourite albums from their new record label and tell us why they mean so much to them.


Chosen by Eden Leviston (Guitar)

This has got to be my favourite Mayday Parade album to date. I feel that it truly represents a flawless transition from old school emo to alternative rock which many bands unsuccessfully attempt to do nowadays. This is also one of the first records I owned on vinyl and to hear the likes of ‘Letting Go’ and ‘One Of Us’ through a crackly old record player is pure gold. I’m incredibly excited to hear what they come out with next.


Chosen by Matt Clarke (Vocals)

‘A Lesson In Romantics’ for me was such a versatile record. Mayday Parade struck such an amazing balance of rock, pop-punk, emo and pop without forfeiting their sound. The entire album encaptured all those things and more and it’s my favourite Fearless release because of which. The lyrics went hand in hand with the melodies (which seems obvious but when done faultlessly, it really is an asset), emotion and atmosphere. I think my favourite song off the entire album is ‘I’d Hate To Be You…’, I think it’s a great way of showing what the album is like within one song, but I really found myself attached to that song when I was younger. I saw Mayday Parade live back when I was barely a teenager, it’s crazy to be on the same label as them, especially with one of my favourite albums ever being a part of the catalogue.


Chosen by Drew Procter (Guitar/Vocals)

‘Collide With The Sky’ is a record I have listened to a lot and is by far one of my favourites from all of the Fearless Records releases. What I love about this album is the high level of songwriting and the prominent Hispanic influence they blend so well with heavy alternative rock. The production is top notch! Also the guest vocals have been chosen perfectly for the tracks. It has really influenced me for combining genres of music and writing with a different approach.


Chosen by Andy Makin (Drums)

This album is the best representation of Real Friends sound. A very raw and honest lyrical approach matched with some super catchy riffs is what this band have nailed on their past releases, and this theme has carried through to their latest LP. ‘Mess’ is my favourite track from the album, check it out!


Chosen by Mark Threlfall (Bass)

This was one of my favourite albums of 2015, and is one of my favorites amongst many amazing records that have been released through Fearless Records. I remember listening to it on the day of its release and being hooked from start to finish. It’s got something for everyone.

The band’s new album, ‘Equal Measures’, is available July 8th through Fearless Records, and can be ordered from iTunes (here).

You can follow the band via their official website (here), Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).