GETTING INTO: Easy Life Records, As Chosen By Sun Arcana

Credit: Jordan Hare

“You have to love yourself for who you are” said Sun Arcana vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tom Harper-Ward about new EP ‘Just Another Dream Away’, identifying the themes that capture the Essex band’s new material.

“In life, we’re always so busy imagining that our perfect selves are just another dream away, when really, you should just be happy with who you are right now. That’s not to say you can’t and shouldn’t develop as a person, but accepting who you are is so important.”

‘Just Another Dream Away’ is out now on Easy Life Records so we caught up with the band for a full introduction by getting them to pick their 5 favourite records to be released on the label.


I think as a band, Lower Than Atlantis just kept on getting better and better. The combination of rock and pop melodies mesmerised me. We have definitely injected a bit of that into this new record. Seeing them at Brixton was a very bitter sweet moment; they definitely went out with a bang and even if they never get back together they’ve definitely influenced my song writing.


Amber Run are one those bands that have the most unique sounds I’ve ever heard. They’ve definitely injected more rock into their latest record, and it’s safe to say they’ve smashed it. The fact they all sing together too is a real unique point for them. My favourite track from that album is probably ‘Entertainment’.


This album was incredible. This album was one of the reasons we wanted to work with Chris Coulter. A track that stands out to me the most is ‘Off The Floor’ – the songwriting is just something else and I was gutted when they announced they were splitting. They really brought something new to the table in terms of songwriting and general musicianship. Would love to write with them one day.


I think Ross has one of the most incredible voices. The song that drew me into them first was ‘Always’, and then they dropped ‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ and I was definitely a fan. I’ve seen these guys live a few times now and they really are going to be huge, I genuinely believe that.


I literally can’t rave about this album enough, and touring with these guys was an unbelievable experience. They honestly are the nicest guys and we learnt a lot from them. I think again Phil’s melodies are incredible and they seem to stick in your head. As a group they are going to go really far. A particular song that sticks out for me the most is ‘The Bell’, it’s really a really emotional song.

Sun Arcana‘s new album, ‘Just Another Dream Away’, is out now through Easy Life Records.

You can stream/download the album online from iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Spotify (here).

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