GETTING INTO: Death Metal (This Is Endless)

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Menacing British newcomers This Is Endless are almost a supergroup of underground death metal with members of Ted Maul, Red Method and Dripback at the helm, and Russ Russell on production duties. Now formed together into a behemoth, the London band have released their debut record ‘Formations Of A World Below’ for a vicious slap of sludgy metal.

We caught up with the band who gave us 5 recommendations of essential death metal albums to introduce us to the genre.


As chosen by Jeremy (Vocals)

Over the years there’s no denying that Deicide’s output has varied in quality. But there’s one thing that simply cannot be taken away from them: their debut album was frightening, brutal and thrilling death metal of the highest possible order. These guys played with a Satanic murderous conviction unheard of at the time. Forget Merciful Fate with their playful Satanic piss-taking. Forget Slayer’s Satanic imagery and pentagram accessories. These guys were convincingly and scarily evil to the core! With riffs that brutally smash you to pieces, awesome drumming of a rabid animal, a vocalist that sounds like Satan himself and atmosphere to make grown men cower in the corner, Deicide’s self-titled album was the real business.

In 2006, I had a phone call by Earache Records were I was asked to fill in for Glen Benton the main man, Glen was in court in Florida at the time and could not make the London date at the London ULU. I could not believe what was happening, till this day I still feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins singing my favourite death metal classics like ‘Dead By Dawn’, ‘Sacrificial Suicide’ etc. Being on stage with the legends such as Steve Asheim, Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla (RIP) completed one of my childhood dreams.


As chosen by Luca (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

This album picks up where effigy of the forgotten left off beautifully this intense slab of technical but perfectly simplistic hardcore death metal perfectly sealed suffocation New York death metal with its breakdowns and absolute crushing heaviness this album will remain at the peak of the pyramid as far as death metal is concerned.


As chosen by Mike (Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Hearing this for the 1st time over 20 years ago probably 1995 and hearing this drum beat thinking what the fuck is that?! (later finding out its called a blast beat!), the guitars were incredible, the 7 string down tuned guitar, and the riffs weren’t like normal ones I heard, they churned and were dark as hell. I was listening to Sepultura, Pantera, Slayer etc at the time as well as a lot of hardcore but MA really opened my eyes to death metal. I think I’ve written a lot of riffs in the past that could definitely have been written by Trey, I tend to only drop them in here and there with This is Endless but if you listen carefully, you can still hear the influence. That middle era of Morbid Angel for me is still my favourite, the 2 albums after domination are absolutely killer too.


As chosen by James (Drums)

Not the oldest death metal album around but it’s one of the best! The production of this album is one of the purist going, Derek ‘one take’ Roddy’s drums sound as tho you’re right in the room with him playing while the guitars conquer and overwhelm you with regal dominance.


As chosen by Simon (Bass)

By the late 90s, New York and European hardcore was what was my main thing. Mike (Brother and Guitarist in This Is Endless) was already head down back into the extreme metal world and gave me this album as almost like a bridge between hardcore and death metal because of the grooves and the drops. I would say this is the album that got me fully back into metal again full time and opened up my world to other relapse bands at the time like Nile, Exhumed, Nasum and Pig Destoyer and just that whole early 2000’s scene in general which I still think produced some of the best ever albums in death metal and grindcore. If you look at bands out today Id say in the last 20 years Dying Fetus have influenced as many bands as anyone and in particular with this album.

This Is Endless‘ new album, ‘Formations Of A World Below’, is out now via Endless Records.

You can buy or stream the album from the official This Is Endless BandCamp (here), Apple Music (here), Spotify (here), Amazon Music (here) and Google Play (here).

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