GETTING INTO: Big Scary Monsters (Lakes)

Credit: Dylan Nolte

Watford based six-piece Lakes have dropped their new post-rock record ‘Start Again’, which was recorded over various lockdowns—and produced and explores themes such as mental health, addiction, break-ups and cutting out toxic friends. Lead singer Roberto Cappellina had this to say about the album:

This batch of songs has been a vehicle for healing for all six of us in some way, so there are a lot of different but raw themes throughout the record. Even though we’re currently all isolated from each other, the one person you can’t escape is yourself”

To celebrate the release of the new album, we caught up with the the band who picked out their favourite records that have been released by their label mates on Big Scary Monsters.


Matt: This was my introduction to the world of “emo-revival” – even though emo had never disappeared and I had never stopped listening to it, this record was the first in a whole avalanche of new music that I fell into for a couple of years. I started here and quickly got into Algernon, Into It Over It, Prawn, Gates and so on – it was a beautiful time and this album is very special to me! I was lucky enough to pick up a test pressing of this at the first ever BSM pop-up shop in London. I’d been looking for it on vinyl for a while and there it was in the racks, an actual test press! Dave was working the shop and very kindly did me a reasonable price for it as he saw my excitement. Great songs, great lyrics, great band and great artwork too – kinda reminds me of something else…


Roberto: I remember Matt sending me the single ‘Mono no Aware’ and thinking it belonged on a late 90s coming of age movie soundtrack, but obviously in a good way! The whole record just transports me somewhere different, and there aren’t many that do that. Usually to a place that’s softly-lit, with slightly over-saturated colours and giant coffee mugs. Equally, you could totally walk in some hard rain to this.


Blue: Jordan Dreyer’s gift of storytelling consistently brings me to tears. ‘Wildlife’ and ‘Somewhere at the Bottom of the River’ are some of my favourite albums of all time, ‘Rooms of the House’ is no exception but it definitely feels like a soothing agent to the wounds you sustain in the previous two. The softer vocals, sometimes melodic, sometimes melancholic spoken word has massively influenced my writing style and I’ve used several tracks from this album as beat or tone references in previous projects. I was crazy lucky to see them play through almost this entire album live in Manchester a few years ago and it lost nothing on stage.


Rob: I’ve got a massive soft spot for heavier instrumental math rock, and I remember going down a rabbit hole a couple of years ago and texted Matt a couple of tracks I’d found. He fired back ‘You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis’ as being one of the best examples of the genre (plus having the best song title ever) and that was my intro to AMTP. Infinity Stare is just another example of their work. It just sounds enormous, has an abundance of killer riffs, and is technical without losing a sense of groove. Plus what’s the point of singers anyway really.


Charlie: I hadn’t heard Orchards until I heard them live and they absolutely blew me away instantly. Just the crunchiest, shiniest, most fun music I’d heard in a while and I instantly got home and listened to this EP and essentially DID NOT STOP listening to it for about 3 months. Long enough for every song on this 8 track EP to become my favourite for at least a day or two before another one rose up the rankings. There’s so much colour and playful energy on here, but delivered with intricate mathy guitar and rhythm work. ‘Honey’ and ‘Peggy’ are the standouts for me but there are no weak spots, it’s wall-to-wall vibrance.

Lakes‘s new album, ‘Start Again’, is out now via Big Scary Monsters.

YYou can buy the album from the official Big Scary Monsters online store (here), Apple Music (here) and Spotify (here).

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