GETTING INTO: Australian Music, as chosen by Polaris

There’s got to be something in the water in Australia. Over recent years we’ve seen heavy metal global domination from the likes of Parkway Drive, Airbourne and The Amity Affliction, and we’re seeing Thy Art Is Murder, Northlane and Ocean Grove coming into their own to just name a few.

But who are the newest and best Australian bands that we haven’t been introduced to yet? Sydney five-piece Polaris are ready to continue the Aussie theme of having the best heavy bands to make your ears bleed, and dropped their debut record ‘The Mortal Coil’ in November. The guys took the time to get us up to speed with what’s happening down under right now by highlighting five bands that are well worth your time.


Although their debut album only recently dropped, this local band is quickly venturing out of Australia hitting Europe with Thy Art is Murder during the past few months. Their live show is just as intense as their album ‘Dragged Through the Dirt’ sounds, and if you like heavy music you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

Best tracks:
Dragged Through The Dirt
Please Don’t Leave Me
No Flowers On Your Grave


While still young both as a band and as people, Daybreak are quickly establishing themselves as one of Australia’s heaviest bands in the genre. Their second EP ‘Death Dreams’ has opened them up to the Australian touring ring, and we personally were able to see the reactions when they came along on our tour for The Remedy, with Jamie helping them out every night with his feature on the track ‘Repulse’. Being able to see this band grow over the past few years has been a pleasure, and their debut album is something I am eagerly anticipating.

Best tracks:
Lost Sentience
The Possessor


After a shuffle in the line-up, Alpha Wolf really kicked things up a notch in 2017 releasing a string of hard hitting singles culminating in the release of the their debut album ‘Mono’.
And what a debut it is, a record that is both aggressive as it is vulnerable, Alpha Wolf are gearing up to make waves all across the country and beyond.

Best tracks:
Golden Fate; Water Break
Golden Fate; Gut Ache


Ambleside are some close mates of ours from South Australia. They’ve been making waves around the local scene for a while and we’d love to take them out on the road one day. If you’re into the Aussie melodic hardcore vibe definitely don’t give these guys a miss, brilliant live and on record. Some highlight tracks to listen to are:

Best tracks:
Wash Away
Tired Eyes


Tapestry are an amazing band from Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. Coming from one of the most remote and under toured cities in the nation, these guys work insanely hard to keep their small local scene alive, and they’re now branching out to the rest of the country. We fell in love with them after a show together in Perth, and getting to share the stage with them again very recently at terror fest in Darwin we were once again was blown away. Their energy and presence has a very powerful and lasting effect.

Best tracks:

Polaris’ record ‘The Mortal Coil’ is out now, via SharpTone Records, and is available digitally via the band’s (Bandcamp). Keep up to date with the band on (Facebook) and (Twitter).