GETTING INTO: Australian Bands, As Chosen By Slowly Slowly

Credit: Kane Hibberd

Melbourne rockers Slowly Slowly are starting 2020 with a band as record number three, ‘Race Car Blues’ is about to hit the physical and internet shelves. The record marks a chapter for frontman Ben Stewart through an 18 month period of self-assessment and development.

The singer said “For me, ‘Race Car Blues’ feels like not being a victim anymore, in any sense of it, and really taking responsibility. You realise as you get to your late 20s, no one’s going to fix you, no one gives a fuck, the world keeps turning and everyone’s on their own trajectories. If you’re not looking out for yourself, you’ll just get left behind or fall by the wayside, you’ll wake up and all of those dreams you had don’t get actualised.

Slowly Slowly have helped us out by introducing us to some of the best Australian bands that may have slipped under our radar.


Colourblind are making really creative heavy music with an accessible edge. I feel they are influenced by Basement, Turnover & Citizen, but also bring a lot of their own flavour to the table. The arrangements are quite complex, but time & time again I find they leave space for the vocal. It just works – really well.


These guys are making world-class heavy music. Every time they put out a new song I can’t believe my ears. So, so sick. We listen to them to get jacked up pre-show. Tech af, but still so tasteful.


Press Club make garage rock with a real anthemic edge to it, it’s reminiscent of Japandroids or Royal Headache at times because of the lo-fi production, but when you see it live it takes it to a whole new level. They are a hard-working band who are explosive to watch.


Famously Australia’s most underrated band. These guys put out timeless charming content all under the umbrella of nonchalance, it’s unabashed & heartfelt in a jovial Australian way. It reminds me of You Am I or Jedediah, other great Australian rock from the late 90’s & early 2000’s. Classic.


Nothing Really are a fantastic band from here in Melbourne who are smashing the local touring circuit. Clever lyricism & dreamy arrangements, the recordings are great, the people are great. It reminds me of Pinegrove or Something For Kate in that it is built around lead singer Victoria‘s infectious songwriting, the band poking out every so often, but you remain fixated on her throughout.

Slowly Slowly‘s new album, ‘Race Car Blues’, is out on February 28th via UNFD.

You can pre-order the album online from UNFD‘s Official Site (here) and Apple Music (here).

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