GETTING INTO: Asian Man Records, As Chosen By Ogikubo Station

North American duo Ogikubo Station is Maura Weaver of Ohio punks Mixtapes, and Asian Man Records founder Mike Park. The band are preparing for the release of their new EP ‘Okinawan Love Songs’ which promises to continue the fun, simple melodies we heard on ‘We Can Pretend Like’ last year.

We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Maura Weaver from the band who introduced us to Asian Man Records by picking her 5 favourite records to be released on her bandmates’ label.


Being a die hard fan of Operation Ivy, I’ve been left wondering what vocalist Jesse Michaels had and has been up to. Other than a brief run with Common Rider, the mysterious man was nowhere to be found. Then I saw Asian Man post about a new punk rock band that Jesse was in and after hearing the teaser I pre-ordered the album and instantly fell in love. The distinct Jesse style vocals were front and present, and even a couple of ska tracks to keep the loyalists happy, but this album is way different than OP IVY—much more aggressive. Almost a hardcore record.


The first time I saw Laura Stevenson play live, I was in my 2nd year of college. As an aspiring musician, I was completely blown away by her guitar playing and vocals. After her set, I headed to the merch table and bought the vinyl for ‘A Record’. What a hauntingly beautiful album. Full of heart on sleeve lyrics that will bring a tear down your cheek.


I think the first time I heard Alkaline Trio was on a Warped Tour compilation. I can’t 100% verify this, but it was one of the many cheapo comps that came out in the early 2000’s. After sniffing through the bands catalog I came to their debut. This one had a different sound altogether. Not as polished. It sounded more real, not over produced, but just real. Like an every day band would go into the studio to record their first album on a small budget. That’s the vibe sonically, but the songs were just so endearing and would stick in my head for days and days.


I’m pretty sure this was my first introduction to the band. This is their first full length. They had some 7 inches and compilation tracks, but I was late to the game on those and came in for get better. Sheena is such a badass. Hair flowing everywhere, rocking out so hard on stage. This album has my fav song ‘Lipstick’ – “When you wear lipstick, I always want to kiss you, But you use your lipstick as an excuse not to kiss me”


I’m gonna give a nod to my old, old bandmate Mike, who was fronting this band when I was still in diapers. My friend Megan and I loved and still love ska and we got into this band cause it sounded different than all the other bands from that era. In particular they had a kick ass girl shredding guitar and singing like a banshee out of hell.

Ogikubo Station‘s new EP, ‘Okinawan Love Songs’, is out on June 14th via Asian Man Records and you can pre-order from the label website (here).

The band are on tour in the UK on the following dates:

JUNE 17 – PORTSMOUTH, Edge of the Wedge
JUNE 18 – EXETER, The Cavern
JUNE 20 – BRIGHTON, Prince Albert
JUNE 22 – CHELTENHAM, Frog and Fiddle
JUNE 23 – SWANSEA, Crowleys Rock Bar
JUNE 24 – BRISTOL, Exchange
JUNE 25 – LONDON, New Cross Inn
JUNE 26 – LEICESTER, The Soundhouse
JUNE 27 – STAFFORD, Redrum
JUNE 28 – MANCHESTER, The Castle
JUNE 29 – GLASGOW, The 13th Note
JUNE 30 – EDINBURGH, The Banshee Labyrinth

You can follow the band via their official Facebook (here), Twitter (here) and Instagram (here).