Getting into a new band can sometimes seem like a rather daunting task, especially if their recorded material surpasses a few albums. Maybe you want to get into a band who’s supporting one of your favourites on tour, maybe you want to see if the hype is justified, or maybe you just want to discover new music. Whatever the reason, FINEST HOUR is here to whittle down your new favourite band’s material into just one hour of play time.

Quite frankly Weezer are easy to fall for as they are one of the most lovable bands on the planet. After starting out in the garage and kick starting nerd rock in ‘94, Rivers Cuomo and the gang are set to release their 9th album Everything Will Be Alright In The End in October.


MY NAME IS JONAS (from Weezer ‘The Blue Album’)
The track that started it all! This upbeat, slightly nonsensical, and magical singalong personifies what people love about Weezer; the wacky and kinda nerdy lyrics, the light guitar noodling into the hard hitting power chords, and more hooks than you can shake a hacky sack (or any other typically 90s object) at.

THE WORLD HAS TURNED AND LEFT ME HERE (from Weezer ‘The Blue Album’)
The first glimpse of Weezer’s slightly darker and pain filled side which shows their impact and impression on softer rock music sub genres such as emo and the sadder end of pop punk.

BUDDY HOLLY (from Weezer ‘The Blue Album’)
Thats right! It’s the one you (probably) know! A song that’ll not only have you singing along but also charm the pants off you with it’s cute lyrics. It’s one of those songs that’s just lovely. Sometimes we need songs to just be as nice and charming as this one.

SAY IT AIN’T SO (from Weezer ‘The Blue Album’)
Sweet guitar licks, hard hitting riffs, Weezer-ly obscure lyrics (WRESTLE WITH JIIIMMY!), AND the biggest chorus in Weezer’s back pocket. Yet another whole hearted belter from Weezer’s flawless debut. We honestly would of put the whole thing on here if we could.


GETCHOO (from Pinkerton)
Probably the most upbeat (or just least depressing) track from the darker Pinkerton album. As punchy as they come, this is power pop at its finest from an originally overlooked, now cult classic record.

EL SCORCHO (from Pinkerton)
The strange first single from Pinkerton, with its slidy riff, odd backing vocals, but undeniably Weezer lyrics. It may have been a strange first taste, but it’s now one of the spiciest tracks in the band’s back catalogue.

PINK TRIANGLE (from Pinkerton)
A song about having a crush on a lesbian, filled with the teen angst and crooked back lust that Weezer pulls off so well. It’s tracks like this that helped Pinkerton find its way into die hard fans hearts.


HASH PIPE (from Weezer ‘The Green Album’)
A huge tune with a chuggy riff from Weezer’s second self titled. Showing they’re still in the business of big choruses but this time Weezer come in with a little more attitude.

ISLAND IN THE SUN (from Weezer ‘The Green Album’)
From a song as pumped up as Hash Pipe to the most relaxing Weezer tune. Yet another just lovely song (with the cutest video, Weezer playing with animals AWW!), probably made to chill to once you’re done with the hash pipe.


DOPE NOSE (from Maladroit)
Maladroit is hailed as Weezer’s last consistently good album (so far) and lead single Dope Nose is a shining example why, with the punch of The Green Album combined with the strange charm of the first two it makes for an absolute belter.


WE ARE ALL ON DRUGS (from Make Believe)
This is when Weezer started to dip a bit in album quality. Make Believe felt like a lazy attempt to redo The Green Album or Pinkerton, but the great thing about Weezer is that even their bad albums have some good songs on (Raditude aside).


PORK AND BEANS (from Weezer ‘The Red Album’)
Decent riff, catchy hook, River’s strange lyrics shining through again, the only track from The Red Album that actually makes you sing along rather than just confuse you.


MEMORIES (from Hurley)
YUP! It’s the one from Jackass! Hurley is a weird one for Weezer. It feels rushed and just plain surreal in places but this one is a certified tune. Those Jackass lads always have the best soundtrack.

TRAINWRECKS (from Hurley)
Right, best track on Hurley, straight up, IN FACT it’s the best Weezer song for YEARS. This song has the magic and fire that it feels like Weezer have been searching for since Maladroit!

WHERE’S MY SEX? (from Hurley)
This track shows the better side of weird Weezer, the lyrics may perplex the hell out of you but at least it’s got the huge chorus and brilliant structure. If all weird Weezer songs were of this quality then maybe the last couple of Weezer records wouldn’t be best forgotten.


BACK TO THE SHACK (from Everything Will Be Alright In the End)
New single? Go on then. Yes, Yes, YES! This is Weezer apologizing to the fans for the shoddy albums and making up for it with a huge chorus and countless nods to their first albums. This song gives you the feeling that the new album is going to be worth it, and that everything will be alright in the end (sorry).

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by Jack King